• Posted On Thursday, October 05, 2017


    Video is an untapped resource that many business-to-business (B2B) companies overlook. Granted, creating and promoting videos consumes resources, but it's usually worth the investment. According to a study cited by Forbes, 59% of B2B executies prefer watching video instead of reading text. Therefore, you B2B salespersons should use video to reach these coveted decision-makers.

    Produce Informative Videos

    There's nothing wrong with producing promotional videos in an attempt to sell a product or service. However, it's usually the informative videos that generate the most views and ultimately drive the most sales. Instead of making a commercial for your product or service, for instance, try explaining how the product or service works in a video.

    Use Multiple Channels

    YouTube isn't the only channel on which to promote your B2B videos, so don't limit yourself to only using YouTube. The more channels on which you publish and promote your videos, the more views it will receive. And it's no secret that views directly correlate to a video's success. So, consider publishing your videos on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook Flickr, LinkedIn, your company website, blog and more.

    Hook the Viewer in the First 15 Seconds

    Statistics show that the first 15 seconds of a video can determine whether or not a viewer will continue watching it. If you aren't able to grab the viewer's attention within this time frame, he or she will probably leave without thinking twice. To prevent this from happening, you need to create a compelling introduction that grabs the viewer's attention and convinces him or her to continue watching.

    Consider Your Audience

    When producing B2B videos, consider who exactly is going to watch them. If you're producing videos to sell an industrial construction service, for instance, you should use commentary directed towards the executives and decision-makers of construction companies. Aligning the content of your videos with your target audience is essential for B2B video marketing success.

    Measure the Results

    One of the great things about video marketing is the simple fact that it's measurable. In other words, you can easily track the results of your video marketing efforts using analytics tools. Most video marketing channels, including YouTube, have built-in analytics, allowing you to see how many people have viewed your video, how long they watch, how many "likes" your video has received nad more. Using this information, you can easily optimize your videos for a stronger response.

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