• Posted On Tuesday, October 03, 2017


    Email remains one of the most cost-effective marketing channels for business-to-business (B2B) companies. Once you've acquired a prospect's email address, you can continue to send him or her promotional messages for as long as they remain subscribed. So, while other marketing channels may only yield a single sale per customer, email can generate multiple sales from each customer.

    However, the success of B2B email marketing relies heavily on the size of your list. Generally speaking, you need a large list of subscribers to succeed. Follow the tips outlined below to attract more subscribers to your B2B company's email newsletter.

    Personalize Your Emails

    Be sure to personalize your emails so they create a stronger response with the recipient. If you address the recipient by his or her name, for instance, that recipient will be less likely to unsubscribe. Personalizing emails is a simple and easy process, but it can make a world of difference in your newsletter subscription rates.

    Emphasize Subscription Form

    Assuming you have a newsletter signup form on your company's website, you should emphasize the form so that visitors are more likely to see it. How exactly do you emphasize a subscription form? There are dozens of ways to accomplish this goal, though one of the most effective is to use bright colors like red and yellow. Bright colors will attract the attention of visitors, increasing the chance of newsletter signups.

    Offer Incentives

    Of course, another tactic that can help you attract more newsletter signups is to offer some type of incentive. Whether it's a discount code, free swag, premium membership, etc., consider offering users an incentive for subscribing to your newsletter. If a prospect is hesitant to subscribe, the allure of a freebie may be just enough to convince him or her to click the button.

    Collect Email Addresses Offline

    Who says you have to limit your subscription efforts strictly to online techniques? Combining online techniques with offline techniques will help you attract more subscribers. When conversing with prospects and customers in person, don't be afraid to ask for their email address. You can add these email addresses to your customer relationship management (CRM) software so they are automatically applied to your marketing campaigns.

    Use Database Service Providers

    Finally, consider using a database service provider to grow your email list. These companies specialize in prospecting data. You can simply target your ideal customer profiles, and find thousands of decision makers that meet your criteria.

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