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    The Internet is an invaluable tool that telecommunications equipment companies can use to promote their products and services. While traditional offline methods offer a limited, local reach, the Internet does not. Using online marketing, you can reach prospects throughout the world, allowing for a more effective and efficient marketing campaign. In order for it to be successful, however, you'll need to avoid the following mistakes.

    #1) Not Creating Buyer Personas

    What are buyer personas and why should you create them? A buyer persona is essentially a demographic segment of your target audience. By going through your customers' demographic data and creating several segments or "buyer personas," you'll have targeted lists of prospects to whom you create customized marketing messages.

    Buyer personas can be used with all forms of marketing, though they are particularly effective for online marketing because of the targeting options found online.

    #2) Creating All Emails Manually

    There are times when you'll need to manually create and send emails to prospects -- and that's okay. However, there are also emails that you can automate. Confirmation and follow-up emails, for instance, should typically be automated. Rather than writing these emails by hand, you can streamline the process through automation.

    Most customer relationship management (CRM) solutions offer email automation. Alternatively, you can use a third-party email service.

    #3) Focusing on Quantity Over Quality

    It's not the amount of traffic your online ads generate that matters most; it's the quality of that traffic. Unfortunately, many B2B marketers ignore this fact, focusing their online marketing efforts strictly on traffic generation. The truth, however, is that a handful of highly targeted prospects is worth more than hundreds or even thousands of generic, untargeted prospects. The bottom line is that you need to focus on obtaining quality traffic with your online marketing campaigns.

    #4) Not Split Testing

    With most online marketing platforms -- Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, Bing Ads, etc. -- you have the option to split test two or more creatives. Rather than running a single ad, for instance, you can run two or three different ads, which are automatically rotated. Surprisingly, though, this feature is often overlooked. But if you don't split test, you won't know which creatives work and which ones don't.

    #5) Not Using a Database

    Finally, some marketers in the telecommunications equipment business avoid using databases, believing it's either too difficult to maintain or not worth the investment of their resources. In reality, though, a database is perhaps the single most important marketing tool for telecommunication equipment companies. As you can collect sales leads online, you can place them in a database for later use.

    #6) Not Using Project Reports for High Quality Sales Lead Generation

    Uncovering high quality sales leads is a channel that's difficult to find. That's why SalesLeads is a necessary investment for the telecommunications equipment business. By not using Project Reports, you spend more time trying to find projects that are going on right now. Project Reports are identified projects, meaning they are projects that are scheduled or going on right now. You get pertinent information to make the contact either by phone or email (recommend doing both) to place into the sales funnel and sales cycle. One of the best ways to evaluate the quality of sales leads is to take a look for yourself. Here's the link to open a free account so you can take a look around.

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