• Posted On Friday, May 18, 2018 by SalesLeads, Inc.


    When conducting sales calls, you'll probably encounter a company's gatekeeper rather than a decision-maker. Gatekeepers include receptionists, interns and administrative assistants, many of whom are tasked with answering the phone and directing those calls to the appropriate person. Unfortunately, these professionals won't always connect you to a decision-maker. In many cases, they'll reject your offer. There are steps you can take to get past the gatekeeper.

    Be Friendly and Respectful

    You can't expect the gatekeeper to connect you to a decision-maker if you are impolite. Maintaining a friendly, respectful attitude goes a long way in B2B sales. When talking to gatekeepers, be friendly and polite. And even if the gatekeeper declines to connect you to a decision-maker, thank him or her for their time and leave your contact information.

    Explain Your Reason for Calling

    Trying to evade the gatekeeper isn't an effective strategy for reaching decision-makers. You have to remember that gatekeepers are tasked with filtering calls that reach upper-level executives, so they'll probably want to know the reason why you are calling. If you evade this question, you probably won't reach a decision-maker. So, explain your reason for calling, and ask questions. Being able to get the gatekeepers insights will prepare you for the direct contact with the decision maker and build a relationship all at the same time.  

    Don't Sell to the Gatekeeper

    Attempting to sell your product or service to a gatekeeper is almost always a waste of time. After all, gatekeepers don't have the authority to make purchasing decisions. Like I just said…ask questions.

    Call When the Company Is Closed

    Conventional wisdom may lead you to believe that it's best to call prospects during their company's hours of operation. But if you struggle to reach the decision-makers, consider calling during the company's off hours. Gatekeepers are often off work during these hours, though the decision-makers may stay behind. By calling during a company's off hours, you'll have a greater chance of reaching a decision-maker.

    Skip the Gatekeeper

    Another idea is to skip the gatekeeper altogether. How? SalesLeads’ Target Account Intelligence database provides verified names, titles, direct dials and email addresses. I know what did I wait till now to tell you? Save the best for last! Take it for a test drive. Try out the database now and test out the data.

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