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    If your network service or network equipment company is suffering from low sales, maybe it’s time to reevaluate your sales process. It's no secret that the success of a B2B company is measured in the number of sales it generates as well as the total dollar amount of those sales. And if your company suffers from low sales, it will struggle to stay afloat while allowing your competitors to increase their market presence in the process. You can optimize your network service or network equipment company's sales process, however, in the four following ways.

    #1) Don't Pressure Prospects

    There's a fine line you must balance between promoting your products or services and not pressuring the facilities manager or office manager. If you're overly aggressive with your sales tactics, you may discourage prospects from engaging with your company and buying its products or services. Some studies have shown that 60% to 90% of network service or network equipment prospects already know if they're going to buy a product or service before communicating with the seller. So, discuss your product or service when communicating with the office manager or facilities manager, but don't be overly aggressive.

    #2) Ask Questions

    An all-too-common mistake service and equipment sales reps make when contacting prospects is creating a one-way conversation. They spend the entire time talking about their product or service without giving the plant manager or office manager an opportunity to speak. If this sounds familiar, consider asking prospects questions during your communications. You can ask the office manager what their company's goals are, what they are hoping to achieve with your product or service, and what's preventing them from making the purchase.

    #3) Align Sales and Marketing

    Although they are independent, sales and marketing teams should work together to achieve a common goal. When a marketing team acquires a lead, it should immediately provide it to the sales team. Furthermore, marketing teams should provide sales reps with all the relevant information about the lead, including the prospect's name, company, address, date of acquisition, etc. The more information a sales rep has on a lead, the greater his or her chance of converting the prospect into a paying customer.

    Here’s one that both sales and marketing can work on together: Office Project Reports. Once you receive the lead, and both had a chance to read the notes or insights into the identified project, sales can contact them via the phone, begin to gather information and start the sales cycle. Marketing can begin a drip campaign that continuously feeds value based information about your company in support of the sales cycle. With both sales and marketing working together, the identified project will quickly move further down the sales cycle.

    #4) Nurture Prospects

    Just because you've acquired a lead, it doesn't necessarily mean that you should contact the office manager with your offer. Sometimes it's better to wait and nurture the prospect before pitching your product or service. Nurturing leads allows you to learn more about their unique needs so that you can create a custom sales message that resonates with the office manager or facilities manager.
    Improving the sales process is one of the biggest priorities for B2B companies. When sales begin to drop, you'll need to change your business's sales approach. Otherwise, you'll struggle to retain dominance in your company's respective market. These tips, however, can help you achieve greater success with your network services and network equipment sales efforts.

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