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    An industrial website is one of the most effective channels on which to acquire air compressor leads. Using your company's website, you can attract manufacturing, automotive, pharmaceutical and even oil / gas prospects and encourage them to enter their contact information. And once you've acquired a prospect as a lead, you can reach out to him or her to pitch your offer. But if you're thinking about turning your industrial company's website into a lead magnet, you should follow these tips to create an effective industrial lead form that drives real results.

    Minimize Navigation

    Avoid using too many navigation links on your lead form page. Navigation links are usually helpful because they guide users to other relevant content. On an industrial lead form page, though, they can deter visitors from taking action, meaning you'll generate fewer leads. Only include essential links on your lead form page to prevent this from happening.

    Make It Mobile Friendly

    Did you know that more people today connect to the internet from a smartphone or tablet rather than a desktop computer? The mobile revolution is upon us, and textile, food and beverage companies that take to acknowledge this trend will get pushed out of market. To connect with these prospects, you must design your lead form so that it's compatible on all devices, including mobile devices. A simple solution is to use a responsive design for your industrial website and the lead form page. Responsive designs change automatically to the size of the device to create a functional, positive experience for all users.

    Ask for Only Essential Information

    The shorter and simpler your industrial lead form, the better. Using a long, complex lead form isn't a good idea because it forces prospects to consume more time and energy. Air compressor prospects are more likely to complete a lead form when simply asking for just their name, phone number and company for whom they work rather than a longer lead form asking for details of their background and company's history. Keep your lead form short and sweet to attract the most air compressor leads.

    Test It

    Never publish a new lead form on your website without testing it first. Even if it looks right, it may contain coding errors that prevent it from properly submitting the prospect's information. The only way you'll know whether your lead form works is by testing it. Place yourself in the shoes of a typical manufacturing or oil / gas prospect, and try to complete the lead form. Assuming it works as intended, you can proceed to publish the lead form so that it's live on your industrial company's website.

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