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    How will your construction, expansion, or relocation company's marketing strategy change in 2019? Using the exact same approach as previous years isn't recommended. While some construction, expansion, or relocation marketing tactics will likely continue to attract customers and drive sales, the beginning of a new years means new, more effective techniques will emerge. To achieve the greatest success for your company, you should familiarize yourself with the following 10 construction, expansion, or relocation marketing trends to watch in 2019.

    #1) Omni-Channel

    Omni-channel is a multi-faceted B2B marketing strategy that encompasses a variety of channels to provide a universal experience for prospects and customers. Some marketers believe that "omni-channel marketing" is just another buzzword for multi-channel marketing. Although it uses multiple channels, it actually refers to creating a universal experience for your target audience. Using email, social media, a website and phone, for example, you can connect with prospects and customers while providing them with a universal experience in the process.

    #2) Personalized Emails

    Savvy construction, expansion, or relocation companies have used personalized emails in their marketing strategy for years, but this tactic is expected to explode in 2019. Even if it's nothing more than addressing a prospect by name rather than "Dear sir/madam," a little personalization goes a long way towards driving sales. According to MarketingSherpa, personalized emails have a 29.3% higher open rate than non-personalized emails. By using personalized emails in your construction, expansion, or relocation company's marketing strategy, you'll reach more prospects using this digital marketing channel.

    Where can you get more emails to find new business and promote your company's brand? With our Sales & Marketing Intelligence. What is that? We work with you to identify the ideal prospect for your business. Our research team interviews companies to find great leads with actionable market intelligence so your efforts fill the sales person's pipeline.

    #3) Automation

    No longer are construction, expansion, or relocation companies forced to perform all their marketing tasks manually. Now, they can take advantage of software, programs, scripts and other solutions to automate certain marketing tasks. A recent report published by the Content Marketing Institute (CMI) found that 81% of construction, expansion, or relocation companies currently use some form of automation in their email marketing efforts, while 54% use a dedicated marketing automation system.

    #4) LinkedIn

    Facebook isn't the only social media channel on which you can generate leads for your construction, expansion, or relocation company. To succeed in 2019, you should explore other social media channels, specifically LinkedIn. According to an infographic published on LinkedIn, four out of five of all construction, expansion, or relocation leads are acquired through LinkedIn, and 94% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn in their content marketing strategy. As LinkedIn continues to grow, more and more construction, expansion, or relocation companies will use this social media channel in their overall marketing strategy.

    #5) Video

    Don't forget to include video in your construction, expansion, or relocation company's 2019 video marketing strategy. According to a report by Google, about 70% of construction, expansion, or relocation buyers currently watch videos related to the products or services for which they are shopping -- a number that's expected to increase in 2019 and beyond. Whether it's YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo or elsewhere, you should publish and share videos with your construction, expansion, or relocation company's target audience.

    #6) Customer Reviews

    Incorporating customer reviews into your construction, expansion, or relocation company's 2019 marketing strategy can also help you achieve greater success. Statistics show that 92% of construction, expansion, or relocation buyers are more likely to buy a product or service after reading a positive review about it from a past customer. Proudly displaying positive customer reviews and testimonials in your company's marketing material will instill trust and confidence in prospects, increasing the chance of a successful conversion.

    #7) Sales and Marketing Alignment

    Although construction, expansion, or relocation sales and marketing teams have separate functions, they shouldn't operate independently of each other. Your construction, expansion, or relocation company's sales team and marketing team should work together to achieve their respective goals as well as their shared goal of generating a sale. Known as sales and marketing alignment, it's a hot trend that will likely reshape the construction, expansion, or relocation industry in 2019 and beyond.

    A great place to start is with identified projects. We find companies that are growing and expanding. They can use the services your company provides. It's a great way to start a positive working relationship with sales and pass great quality opportunities to sales that can be called and entered into the sales funnel. 

    #8) SEO

    Search engine optimization (SEO) is a digital marketing tactic that more and more construction, expansion, or relocation companies are using. As explained by HubSpot, this purpose of this tactic to increase the search rankings for a website or web page. Any website owner or online business owner can perform SEO to generate more traffic. construction, expansion, or relocation owners, however, can use SEO to generate traffic that's funneled to their lead or sales form.

    #9) Account-Based Marketing

    Account-based marketing (ABM) is also expected to rise among construction, expansion, or relocation companies in 2019. Also known as key-account marketing, it's a more methodical marketing tactic that involves targeting specific prospects or accounts with custom-tailored messages. Essentially, account-based marketing is a form of personalized marketing in which each prospect or account is handled differently.

    #10) Performance Metrics

    Chances are your construction, expansion, or relocation company already analyzes performance metrics to measure the effectiveness of its marketing strategy. But are you really using this data to the best of your abilities? Thanks to the advent of new customer relationship management (CRM) software and solutions, it's not easier than ever to analyze construction, expansion, or relocation marketing metrics. In 2019, construction, expansion, or relocation companies are expected to invest more money and resources into these products so that they can better measure the performance of their marketing efforts.

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