• Posted On Wednesday, January 31, 2018


    Acquiring high-quality leads is only half the battle for business-to-business (B2B) industrial construction companies. Equally, if not more important, is converting those prospects into paying customers. Leads are only beneficial if they translate into sales. Therefore, you should follow some basic types to convert industrial construction prospects into customers.

    Research Prospects

    The more you know about a prospect, the greater your chance of converting him or her into a paying customer. Prior to contacting a prospect, go through his or her records to identify their company, budget, needs, past correspondences and more. Using this information, you can personalize your marketing messages to generate a stronger response.

    Show Success Stories

    Industrial construction prospects are often hesitant to buy products or services from companies with whom they've never done business before. However, you can ease their worries by providing prospects with success stories. Whether it's case studies or past customer testimonials, success stories are an always way to reinforce the value of your company's products or services. When prospects see how your products or services helped other customers succeed, they'll feel more comfortable making a purchase.


    Perhaps the most important tip for converting industrial construction prospects into customers is to nurture them through the sales cycle. Nurturing, as the name suggests, involves contacting prospects after the initial correspondence and enticing them to buy your products or services. Whether you use phone, email, online chat or face-to-face meetings, nurturing prospects is an excellent way to boost sales in the industrial construction business.


    Some industrial construction marketers make the mistake of creating one-way dialog with prospects. After calling a prospect, for instance, they'll spend the entire time talking about their company's product or service without giving the prospect an opportunity to respond. One-way conversations such as this are ineffective in all sales, especially B2B. If you want to generate more industrial construction sales, you must listen to prospects. You can encourage prospects to talk by asking questions during your conversations. Something as simple as "What's your company's plans for the next few years" can spark engagement and increase your chances of success.

    Automate... But Not Everything

    You should take advantage of automation tools to simplify and expedite your B2B sales process. using customer relationship management (CRM) software, for instance, you can automate follow-up emails, allowing you to focus your time and attention elsewhere. With that said, however, some B2B sales and marketing tasks should be performed manually, such as making the initial correspondence with a prospect and closing the sale.

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