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    Used by more than 1.3 billion people worldwide, YouTube is the internet's leading video-sharing website. Statistics show that some 5 billion videos are watched on the platform every day. While some of these videos are designed for recreational or leisure purposes, others have commercial intent. In fact, you can use YouTube to generate high-quality industrial sales leads for your company.

    #1) Go Long

    Many industrial business owners focus their YouTube strategy on short videos of 30 seconds or less. They believe short videos such as this are easier to create, so it offers the greatest return on their investment. While short videos are easier to create than long videos, however, they don't achieve the same level of visibility. According to a study by MiniMatters, the top 10 videos on YouTube, by popularity, have an average length of four minutes and 20 seconds. By creating your material handling videos of similar length for your company, you'll achieve better results with YouTube.

    You can easily make your video longer by simply using an introduction, show your product in action, tie it with a testimonial and now you have 4 minutes of robust information that manufacturing, distribution and warehouse companies can appreciate.

    #2) Showcase Products or Services

    YouTube is the perfect platform on which to showcase material handling products or services such as AGVs, conveyors and production lines. Rather than just talking about your company's products or services in an article, you can "show" them to production managers, plant managers and maintenance managers in a video. Videos allow prospects to see how your product or service works, allowing them to make smarter decisions when deciding whether it's right for them.

    #3) Optimize for Search Rankings

    Search rankings will directly influence the amount of traffic your YouTube videos receive. If your videos rank low in Google and YouTube -- or other search engines -- they won't receive much traffic. And without traffic, they probably won't generate many material handling leads either. This is why it's important to optimize your YouTube videos for search rankings by including a unique and relevant title, encouraging viewer comments, and creating high-quality content.

    #4) Include Contact Information in Multiple Places

    Don't just mention your contact information once at the end of your video. You can certainly include it here, but you should mention it in other places so that viewers are more likely to remember it. In addition to the end of your video, for example, include your contact information at the beginning and middle as well. You can include your contact information as an overlay that's always visible in your video.

    #5) Share Video URLs in Emails

    Assuming you use email to communicate with your material handling prospects, include a link to your YouTube channel in your messages so they can see all the videos you have to offer. If a video is relevant to a prospect's interest, it may encourage him or her to contact you, request a demo or outright buy your company's product or service. But not all prospects will proactively search for your company's videos on YouTube. Therefore, you should guide them to your videos by sharing the URLs in your email correspondences.

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