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    Are you using Twitter to attract new office furniture leads? The Big Blue Bird may fall short of LinkedIn, but with nearly 1 billion people logging in to Twitter each month, it's still a powerful social media network that can drive countless new office furniture leads to your company. If you're thinking about using Twitter for this purpose, follow these tips to boost its lead generation power.

    Use Brandable Username

    An effective Twitter marketing strategy for office furniture companies begins with begins with choosing a brandable username that reflects your company. Ideally, you should use your company's brand name as your Twitter username. If this isn't an option, though, choose a variant of your company's brand name. You want users to immediately recognize your company's brand when they see your Twitter username. You can change your Twitter username by logging in to your account and accessing the settings page.

    Upload Custom Profile Header

    Another import step to creating a professional Twitter profile is to upload a custom header. Using a default header will deter prospects from engaging with your company. You'll have an easier time attracting office furniture leads and converting those leads to customers by using a custom header. From your Twitter account, upload a 1,500 by 500 pixel image to use as the header.

    Post Regularly

    As with most social media networks, the secret to successfully using Twitter for generating office furniture interest and leads is to post new content on a regular basis. If you never or rarely publish new content, there's no reason for prospects to follow your account. And without followers, you won't generate many B2B leads. So, how often should you post on Twitter? According to Bufferapp, posting up to 14 times per day offers the best results.

    Share Success Stories

    You'll have an easier time attracting office furniture prospects to your company by sharing success stories on your Twitter account. If a customer's business increased productivity by 15% after purchasing and using your product, for example, share this story on your Twitter account. Success stories such as this speak volume about your company and its products or services.

    Place Twitter Follow Button on Website

    Assuming your company has a website, place a Twitter follow button somewhere on it. Whether it's at the top, bottom or side, a Twitter follow button will drive some of your website's visitors to your Twitter account. This will boost your Twitter follower count while generating additional exposure and more leads in the process.

    As with any marketing outreach, it’s best to touch an office furniture prospect many times. How can you be sure the person you are reaching out to is a good lead? Through SalesLeads’ Office Project Reports. You’ll get identified projects with explanations on the project with key contacts names, titles, phone number and email address. Now you can reach out by phone, email, mail, and ask them to connect or follow you on social media.

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