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    Email is the preferred communication channel among most telecommunications or telecom customers. Regardless of what your company sells or to whom it sells them,  incorporating email into your marketing strategy is a key tactic. It's a time-tested, effective way to reach your target audience with marketing messages, thereby driving interest, new sales, add-on sales and conversions. But to effectively use email, follow these dos and don'ts.

    Do Create Mobile-Friendly Emails

    Just because your emails can be viewed on a desktop computer, they may not be accessible on smartphones and tablets. Why does this matter? Well, statistics show that 47% of users check their email on a mobile device, compared to just 27% with a desktop computer. As mobile internet usage increases, it's more important than ever to design mobile-friendly marketing emails for your telecom customers. Failure to do so means that you'll miss a significant amount of prospects with your marketing messages.

    Don't Send Too Many Emails

    When it comes to email marketing, it's best to follow the mantra "Less is more." There's a fine line to balance that allows you to reach telecom prospects with your marketing messages without overburdening them. If a prospect discovers his or her inbox flooded with a half-dozen messages from your company, he or she may ignore them or mark them as spam. Either way, it hurts your chances of converting that prospect into a customer. According to MarketingSherpa, 61 percent of people prefer to receive one email per month from businesses, which includes telecom.

    Do Send Transactional Emails

    You should integrate transactional emails into your email marketing campaigns. A transactional email is, as the name suggests, a message sent to a customer following the customer's transaction. They are typically automated, as many telecom companies already do, with customers receiving the email immediately or shortly after purchasing a product or service. Statistics show that transactional emails such as this generate 800% higher open rates -- as well as increased sales and revenue -- than traditional emails.

    Don't Send Duplicate Emails

    It's not uncommon for telecom companies to accidentally send the same email message to the same prospect multiple times. Known as duplicate emails, it's a major problem that can dilute your critical marketing efforts. Granted, some email service providers automatically filter duplicates from recipients' inbox, meaning they'll only receive the message once. Others, however, view duplicate emails as spam, thereby lowering the sender's reputation and hurting the company's ability to reach prospects' inbox with their messages. To prevent this from happening, use caution to avoid sending the same email to the same prospect more than once.

    Do Personalize Subject Lines

    One of the easiest ways to improve your telecom company's email marketing campaigns is to personalize your subject lines. The subject line often determines whether or not a recipient will open and read an email. One report found that emails with a personalized subject are 26% more likely to be opened than emails with a generic subject line. You can personalize the subject lines of your marketing emails by including the recipient's name, purchase information (don't include sensitive information) or other personalized information.

    Don't Buy Low-Quality Leads

    There's nothing necessarily wrong with buying leads for your email marketing campaigns, but you should focus on high-quality leads. SalesLeads Inc specializes in generating identified projects for telecom. We understand the type of leads that are critical for your marketing efforts: business expansion and new office & facilities.  Without SalesLeads, you can struggle to find the few quality leads in a sea of names.

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    Do Segment Your Email List

    Whether you harvest your own email addresses or purchase them from SalesLeads, it’s best to segment your list. Doing so allows you to create better, more targeted emails for each segment of users. According to the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) email list segmentation was one of the most effective marketing strategies for businesses in 2017.

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    Don't Focus Strictly on Open Rates

    Open rate is a key performance indicator (KPI) of an effective email marketing campaign. The more people who open your messages, the greater your ability to sell your product or service. However, it's not the only KPI that you should monitor. In addition to open rates, you should also watch click-through rates (CTRs) and conversion rates, the latter of which is perhaps the most important.

    Do Send at the Right Times

    Of course, it's important that you send your marketing emails at the right times. You have to remember that professionals responsible for purchasing telecom product and services are constantly on the go, therefore, you should send emails to them between the hours of 7 a.m. and 5 p.m. to generate the strongest response.

    Don't Launch Without Testing

    It's always a good idea to perform a trial run of a new email before sending it to prospects. You can send the email to yourself, for example, to ensure that it looks and functions as intended. If there are any usability issues with the email, you can fix them before sending the message to important telecom prospects.

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