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    Not every industrial project lead whom you call will answer their phone. In fact, statistics show that just one-fifth of B2B sales calls reach the intended recipient, with most calls going to voicemail. While leaving a voicemail will increase your chances of success, follow a few basic tips to get more callbacks.

    #1) Use a Script

    There's debate over whether or not B2B sales reps should use a script when calling prospects. Some people believe that it's too generic and ineffective at generating industrial construction sales. Others, however, believe that it streamlines the process of calling prospects. So, who's right? Both. Use the script as a guide to ensure you covered all the information you wanted to share. Be sure to personalize the script with information pertaining to the prospect for whom you are leaving a voicemail.

    How can you leave a personalized voicemail if you’re just cold calling? If you are calling from the industrial identified project leads provided by Salesleads, then you will have plenty of information. Each industrial project contains notes that tells you the project status. Use that information to personalize your voice mail…and your conversation. 

    #2) Leave Your Information... Twice

    Some B2B sales reps make the mistake of leaving their contact information only once in voicemails, typically at the end. You'll have a greater chance of getting a callback, however, by leaving your contact information twice -- once at the beginning of the voicemail and again at the end.

    #3) 30-Second Voicemails

    Try to limit your voicemails to no longer than 30 seconds. According to the marketing experts at HubSpot, this is the "sweet spot" for voicemails. If your voicemails are longer than a half-minute, you may lose the prospect's interests, thereby reducing your chance of getting a callback. Keep your voicemails under 30 seconds for maximum benefit.

    #4) Convey Value

    Whether you are selling a product, service or both, you should convey its value in the voicemail. You can't expect a prospect to call you back if he or she doesn't believe that your product or service is valuable. Therefore, you should explain the value of your product or service and don't just mention its features.

    As you put together your script in #2, you’ll have a ‘space’ for the industrial project details Salesleads provided. Now, follow it up with the value your product or service provides. It will make your conversation stronger while convincing the prospect to set an appointment.

    #5) Avoid Cliche Closing Lines

    Finally, don't use a cliche closing line "Give me a call back" or "I'll try calling you again tomorrow." Instead, create a custom closing line that resonates with the particular prospect. Think about what he or she is looking for and try to connect it with your closing line. You can mention the prospect's company and how your product or service can help them achieve greater success. A custom closing line such as this will increase your chances of getting a callback -- and that means more industrial construction sales for your own company.

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