• Posted On Friday, March 09, 2018


    Ask any B2B marketer or sales rep and he or she will agree: a market intelligence solution is an invaluable tool for attracting new clients and generating more sales. With this tool, you'll have an easier time connecting with your company's audience and convincing them to buy your products or services. However, it's important to choose the right market intelligence solution, as this can prove even more useful for your company's marketing and sales efforts.


    In addition to automating common marketing and sales tasks, a market intelligence solution can also personalize your company's messages. According to one study, personalized B2B campaigns significantly outperformed static, generic campaigns by generating a high response rate. When a prospect sees a marketing message with his or her name included, they'll immediately feel more compelled to open or otherwise read the message. This means a higher response rate and ultimately more sales or conversions for your company.

    Reduced Marketing and Sales Cost

    Because it supports automation and personalization, a market intelligence solution can lower the cost of marketing and sales. A 2016 State of Marketing Report found that one-quarter of B2B companies in the United Kingdom say budget constraints are their biggest challenge. Although there are dozens of ways to lower the cost of marketing and sales, one of the easiest is to use a market intelligence solution. By automating and personalizing marketing messages, you'll experience a higher response rate by your audience while freeing up resources. Long story short, this means a lower cost while generating more sales or conversions in the process.

    Account-Based Marketing

    A market intelligence solution can also streamline and enhance your company's account-based marketing (ABM) efforts. According to a survey by Marketo, 97% of B2B companies say ABM offers a somewhat or much higher ROI than traditional marketing strategies. With ABM, you can target specific high-quality prospective accounts using personalized sales and marketing messages. With its targeted nature, ABM yields strong results for B2B companies, which is one more reasons to invest in a market intelligence solution.

    From automation and personalization to reduced marketing and sales costs, ABM and more, there are countless reasons to use a market intelligence solution in your B2B company.

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