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    How many prospects are currently in your company's B2B sales pipeline? Even if your company is turning a profit, you should still optimize your marketing and sales strategy to keep your pipeline full. With few or no prospects present, you'll be forced to target new prospects, which usually results in a lower conversion rate. By keeping your sales pipeline full, you'll have prospects at every stage of the sales funnel, allowing you to streamline sales and better manage your customer relationships. So, consider the following tips to keep your sales pipeline full.


    #1) Identify Top Customers

    Not all customers offer the same value to your company. Some will spend more money than others. By identifying these top customers, you can focus your sales efforts in two ways: 1. Spend quality time nurturing top customers to cross sell other services and 2. Identify why they are a top spending customer and find more like them.

    Use tools from salesleadsinc.com to identify ‘like’ prospects. Search our Office Project Reports which will help you to pinpoint identified projects, combine that with the qualities in your best spending customers, and you’re well on your way to filling your sales funnel.


    #2) Encourage Communication Between Sales and Marketing

    Your company's sales and marketing teams should work together. Ideas and efforts are coming from two different perspectives which can now have a greater impact on attracting the prospects attention.

    By using Salesleads Office Project Reports, you will get ongoing identified projects. Depending on where the project is in its cycle, and knowing where you best fit in, Marketing can develop a drip campaign, ensuring consistent communications. Now when you need to begin the sales process, the prospect knows a bit more about your products and services, making it easier and faster to close. 


    #3) Always Attract New Prospects

    Many B2B companies make the mistake of only selling to their existing customers. Granted, selling to an existing customer costs less than selling to a new customer. To keep your pipeline full, however, you must constantly attract new prospects. Otherwise, the top of the pipeline will remain empty. Use a combination of online, offline and identified projects by Salesleads to attract new prospects into your pipeline.


    #4) Target Empty Areas of Pipeline

    Of course, you should also target empty areas of your sales pipeline. If a particular area has few or no prospects, try to attract or nurture prospects into this part of the pipeline. No two companies have the exact same sales pipeline -- or shouldn't, at least -- but all companies can benefit from targeting empty areas of their respective pipeline.

    Using a combination of the Targeted Account Intelligence Platform and Office Project Reports will help you to quickly fill those empty or weak areas of your pipeline.


    #5) Upsell

    Don't forget to upsell prospects and customers when they inquire about your company's products or services. Even if a customer has only expressed interest in a particular product, he or she may be interested in a related product. Upselling will help you generate more sales while keeping your pipeline full in the process.

     It's difficult to maintain a full sales pipeline 100% of the time. Even if your company has a skilled and experience sales team and marketing team, you may struggle to keep it full. However, these tips and tools will help protect your company from the harmful effects of an empty pipeline. Just remember to optimize your strategy accordingly.

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