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    Lead generation is often one of the biggest challenges faced by B2B companies. If a company is unable to generate high-quality leads, it won't be able to effectively sell its products or services. While outbound techniques like cold calling remain a time-tested, effective way to generate leads, many companies have shifted their focus to inbound techniques. Lead magnets, for example, are intended to entice and attract prospects. By using the following lead magnets in your company's marketing strategy, you'll have an easier time attracting high-quality leads making you a winner in the sales department.

    What Are Lead Magnets?

    A lead magnet is a marketing message that, like other inbound marketing messages, is designed to pique prospects' interests and convince them to contact the company for more information about its products or services. It doesn't directly market or sell a product or service. Rather, it encourages prospects to seek out more information about a product or service on their own. Lead magnets typically involve online content, where companies can target specific demographics and divert them into their sales funnel.

    Promotional Codes

    Every B2B buyer wants to save money on his or her order, making this a highly effective type of lead magnet. You can offer a 10% promotion code, for instance, when a prospect signs up for your newsletter. Using email software or customer relationship management (CRM) software, you can automatically send subscribers this code, thus streamlining the process. And once a prospect subscribes to your newsletter, you can contact him or her to see if they are interested in buying your product or service.

    Free Sample or Trial Offer

    Prospects will gladly seek out your company if you offer a free sample or trial offer. Depending on what exactly you sell or offer, this may not be possible. However, most B2B companies can offer some type of free sample or trial offer. Even if it's nothing more than a free 7-day trial, this shows prospects that you stand by your product. And as a result, they may contact you to inquire about the offer.


    Another type of lead magnet is a quiz. Try to create a multiple choice quiz that's relevant to your company's target audience. You can then publish this quiz on your company's website or social media profile, allowing prospects to sign up and take it. Of course, when a prospect participates in the quiz, he or she should provide you with their information, which you can use for marketing and sales purposes.

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