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    Creating an effective B2B sales strategy requires adapting and changing your approach based on the latest proven trends. If you continue to use the same sales tactics over and over, you'll probably experience fewer sales. This is because B2B sales trends change from year to year. Even if a tactic works today, it may no longer work tomorrow. Here are several outdated B2B sales tactics that you should stop using.

    Mass-Marketing to Leads

    What's wrong with mass-marketing leads? While some B2B sales reps believe that marketing to more leads increases their chances of success, it can actually have the opposite effect by diluting their message and lowering their conversion rate. Rather than marketing to hundreds or even thousands of leads at once, create a more targeted approach that focuses on fewer, more specific marketing messages.

    Manually Performing All Follow Up’s

    You don't have to manually perform all B2B sales followups with prospects. On the contrary, it's recommended that you automate this process using customer relationship management (CRM) software. Rather than manually creating a followup email with every prospect, for example, you can use CRM software to automatically create and send these messages. This is a simple way to save time and improve your productivity levels in B2B sales.

    However, be sure to inject a phone call into the mix. There’s nothing like the personal touch to get a prospect into the sales process.


    Not Qualifying Leads

    Leads should be qualified before they are passed on to a sales team. Of course, this is the responsibility of the marketing team. There are still marketing departments that spend little or no time qualifying leads. They simply harvest a lead and pass it down to the sales team. While some of these leads may still convert, they usually have a lower chance of conversion than qualified leads.

    One way to get a more qualified lead is with SalesLeads. We help by providing you with identified projects that states what the project is all about. Now you can pass on to sales quality identified projects with direct contacts including email and phone numbers.

    Hard Selling

    No buyer wants to do business with a pushy sales rep. Hard selling was once a common tactic employed by B2B sales reps, but it's since lost its appeal and usefulness. B2B buyers are often busy with their company's operations, so they want to know how the products or services can be applied to their business and save them money and time. A perfect opportunity for marketing to communicate a valuable message. If a prospect says he or she isn't interested, don't continue to push your offer. Simply touch base with them periodically to catch them at the right time.

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