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    If you use an online form to attract industrial automation and robotics leads, you probably know the importance of achieving and maintaining a high conversion rate. This metric refers to the percentage of users who complete the lead form after accessing it. If 500 users visit your lead form and 250 of those users complete the form, this means your lead form has a 50% conversion rate. Unfortunately, many industrial automation and robotics companies use ineffective lead forms that have a much lower conversion rate. If the conversion rate of your company's lead form is less than 10%, you should consider if one of the following things is to blame for its low conversion rate.

    #1) It's Not Compatible on Mobile Devices

    When designing your industrial automation and robotics lead form, you need to ensure that it's compatible on both desktop computers as well as mobile devices. Statistics show that more than half of all internet traffic originates from a smartphone, tablet computer or other mobile device. Without a mobile compatible lead form, these mobile users won't be able to provide your company with their information, resulting in a low conversion rate.

    #2) You're Targeting the Wrong Audience

    It's important that you target the right audience with your company's industrial automation and robotics lead form. If you're trying to acquire warehouse and manufacturing leads, for example, you should target businesses that are looking to automate their manufacturing processes. Simply promoting your industrial automation and robotics lead form to a general audience isn't going to work. It may attract some leads, but your form will ultimately suffer from a low conversion rate due to the influx of untargeted traffic.

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    #3) It Only Contains Text

    There's nothing wrong with including text on your company's industrial automation and robotics form, but you should also diversify the content with visuals. According to Crazy Egg, adding colored visuals to a landing page can increase user engagement by up to 80%. That doesn't necessarily mean that adding a few images will boost your lead form's conversion rate by 80%. Rather, attractive visuals keep users engaged for a longer length of time. And when users are actively engaged on your lead form, they'll be more likely to take action by completing the form and providing you with their information.

    #4) The Submission Process Is Broken

    You can't expect a high conversion rate with your company's industrial automation and robotics lead form is the submission process is broken. Before launching a new lead form, perform a usability test to ensure that everything works as intended. This involves placing yourself in the shoes of a typical user as you attempt to complete, and submit, the form. Something as simple as using the wrong URL for a button can prevent users from submitting their information. Normally, a broken submission process such as this will result in a 0% conversion rate. If the problem is intermittent, however -- meaning it only occurs occasionally and not always -- you may experience a higher but still low conversion rate. To prevent a broken submission process from disrupting your company's industrial automation and robotics lead acquisition strategy, perform a usability test of all new lead forms before making them live.

    #5) Users Don't Trust It

    Failure to use a trustworthy design for your company's industrial automation and robotics lead form will result in a low conversion rate. If a user doesn't trust your form, he or she probably won't submit their information. How can you make your industrial automation and robotics lead form more trustworthy exactly? First, make sure that it features your company's brand elements, including its name and logo. Second, proofread it for typos. Just a few misspelled words or bad grammar can send users heading in the opposite direction. Third, display customer reviews or testimonials on your lead form. These three things will build trust with your target audience, encouraging them to complete the form.

    #6) It's Doesn't Explain the Value of Your Product or Service

    Users won't complete your company's lead industrial automation and robotics form if it fails to project the value of your product or service. A typical B2B audience consists of corporate executives and other decision makers who are busy handling their own business's operations. Therefore, they aren't interested in wasting time; they want to communicate with suppliers and industrial automation and robotics companies that can deliver the best possible product or service at the right price. When designing your lead form, you must explain the value of your product or service to your target audience. Basically, you want to include sales copy that highlights the benefits of your company's product or service and why users should purchase it. By following this strategy, you'll attract more industrial automation and robotics leads and achieve a higher conversion rate with your form.

    #7) It's Too Slow

    Even if your industrial automation and robotics lead form is properly designed and contains all the right elements, it may suffer from a low conversion rate because it takes too long to load.According to one report, nearly half of internet users will abandon a web page if it takes longer than three seconds to load. You can speed up your lead form by using smaller images, investing in a high-quality web hosting service and using a content delivery network (CDN).

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