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    Generating high-quality telecom equipment leads is one of the biggest challenges faced by telecommunications companies. Without leads, telecom sales reps won't have anyone to whom to pitch their product or service. While there are dozens of channels where you can generate high-quality telecom leads, Facebook Ads consistently ranks at the top. It's a powerful, versatile advertising platform that can connect your telecommunications equipment company with users who are interested in buying your products or services.

    Overview of Facebook Ads

    Facebook Ads is an advertising platform on the social media network Facebook. It allows businesses, marketers and sales reps to create ads that are shown to select Facebook users.

    Of course, there are free ways to promote your company and generate leads on Facebook, such as using a Facebook Page. Facebook Ads, however, can drive more traffic to your telecommunications equipment company's lead form, thereby boosting sales and conversions.

    What Are Lead Gen Ads on Facebook?

    Facebook Ads is the perfect platform on which to generate telecom equipment leads, thanks in part to its available ad formats. In addition to traditional text and image ads, you can create lead gen ads that are designed specifically for attracting telecom equipment leads.

    The lead gen ads offered by Facebook Ads differ from traditional ads in several ways. First, they don't require users to leave Facebook to complete the lead form and submit their information. When a user clicks your telecommunications equipment company's lead gen ad, the lead form will immediately pop up. Second, lead gen ads are pre-populated with users' contact information. This means users don't have to manually enter their information to complete the form. Rather, Facebook automatically pulls this information from their profile to streamline the process.

    Tips on Creating Effective Lead Gen Ads on Facebook

    • Include a click-to-call button so that users can call your telecommunications equipment company directly if they don't want to complete the lead form.
    • Create buyer personas of your telecom equipment company's ideal audience and target them with lead gen ads.
    • Add custom questions specific to your telecommunications equipment company that can be use for sales purposes.
    • Use visuals -- images or video -- to make your lead gen ads stand out from your competitors.
    • Allow users to schedule an appointment with your telecom equipment company after clicking your lead gen ad.
    • Experiment with both CPM and CPS pricing.

    Utilizing Facebook ads are a great way to fill the top of the funnel with potential opportunities.

    Overview of Project Reports

    Project Reports are an effective way to fill your funnel further down the sales cycle. Because SalesLeads researches and interviews companies in your industry that are planning to relocate, expand or renovate their facility, we are able to provide you with companies that are currently working on a project. That’s what we are reporting to you every two weeks. Now your job is to call the contacts and sell them your industrial equipment solutions.

    To make your calling efforts more effective, we’ll supply you with the contact names, phone numbers and email addresses. These are the people who are working on the project, meaning your conversations will be far more effective. Try a few office project reports. We think you’ll be coming back for more.

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