• Posted On Wednesday, November 28, 2018 by SalesLeads Inc.

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    SalesLeads, a leading provider of high quality B2B Market Intelligence, recently released News Alerts, the new add-on product aimed at monitoring and tracking critical news and social updates for key accounts and industries. Here’s what he had to say.


    Q: Describe the user of the Market Intelligence Platform?

    A:  SalesLeads generates high quality B2B sales leads with identified projects for the sales and marketing professional aimed at building opportunities in the sales funnel with efficiency and targeting. We identify companies that are planning construction, expansion, renovations or relocation projects for facilities.


    Q: What products are included in the Market Intelligence Platform?

    A: With the addition of News Alerts, there’s a total of 4 fully integrated products:

    • View My Projects
    • Search Companies
    • View My Contacts
    • News Alerts


    Q: What role does News Alerts play in your Market Intelligence Platform?

    A: News Alerts works to give the sales and marketing professional value-based insights to their key accounts and industry. The sales or marketing professional identifies what target accounts they want to track, monitor and store in the Watch List. Then critical industry content goes into their News Feed where sales & marketing professionals can develop a plan of action.


    Q: What kind of information is being monitored?

    A: We’re tracking and monitoring critical information such as Mergers & Acquisitions, Funding Announcements, Management Changes, Financial Performance, Social Updates and Regulatory News to name a few. These are all timely topics that allow sales & marketing to create and implement strategic advantages on the real-time news.


     Q: How do you know this is what sales & marketing professionals want?

    A: We communicate regularly with our customer base. Over the last year or so, they shared with me the challenge of too much information. It got to the point for sales and marketing that they were spending too much time sifting through a plethora of information, and most of it wasn’t applicable to their accounts. Their frustration developed into News Alerts. They save time by using News Feeds to get actionable information to advance their selling cycle.


    Q: What do you think SalesLeads does better than other market intelligence providers?

    A: Our products are fully integrated and perform as a single solution making it easy for sales and marketing professionals to get the information they need in order to qualify, set appointments and work through the sales funnel with accurate information, faster. Our high quality content is derived from thousands of resources that are checked, cross-checked and verified in order to deliver identified projects in real time.

    With the addition of News Alerts, we’re the first in providing a strong solution for industry specific, actionable information.


    Thank you, Evan. If you want to experience the product for yourself, go to salesleadsinc.com to open a complimentary account where you’ll experience the power of all 4 products.

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