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    A steady source of high-quality leads is essential to your chemical company's success. But if you rely on an online form to generate leads, you should optimize it for a high conversion rate. By making a few small changes to your chemical company's lead generation, you'll generate more leads with less effort. And with more leads, you'll achieve higher sales and greater success.

    #1) Remove Navigation

    There's really no need to include navigation links on a chemical company’s lead generation form. On the contrary, navigation links divert users' attention away from the actual lead generation form. Users may venture away from the form to explore other content on your chemical company's website. To prevent this from happening, consider removing all or most navigation links from your lead generation form.

    #2) Use Contrasting Colors

    Designing your industrial chemical’s lead generation form with contrasting colors can help you achieve a higher conversion rate. Black and white is one of the most common color schemes used by industrial companies for online marketing. Because black contrasts with white -- and vise versa -- it creates an eye-catching appearance that drives user action. Another contrasting color scheme that works well for industrial chemical lead generation forms is red and yellow. Like black and white, this color scheme attracts users' attention so that they are more likely to complete the form.

    #3) Add a Video

    Adding a video to your industrial chemical's lead generation form is a simple way to boost conversion rates. A study conducted by EyeViewDigital found that landing pages with video generate 80% more conversions than landing pages without video. Therefore, adding a video to your chemical company’s landing page can nearly double the amount of leads it attracts. Even if you don't have the resources to produce your own video, you can still grab one from YouTube to display on your chemical company’s lead generation form. Most YouTube videos have embedding enabled, in which case you can copy the embed code and add to your industrial chemical lead generation form's HTML.

    #4) Write an Attention-Grabbing Headline

    The headline of your chemical company's lead generation form will affect its conversion rate. If it doesn't catch users' attention, they probably won't take the time to read it, let alone submit their contact information and provide your company with a lead. Use powerful, attention-grabbing adjectives and words to encourage users to read your form.

    #5) Keep It Short

    Longer industrial chemical lead generation forms don't necessarily attract more conversions. It's actually shorter forms that generate the most conversions. Keep your chemical company's lead generation form short by including only essential information. This also applies to the information requested by users. The more information you require a user to provide, the greater the risk that he or she will abandon the form without completing it.

    #6) Use a CTA

    No chemical company's lead generation form is complete without a call to action (CTA). This is the text that tells users what step to take next. Examples of common CTAs used on lead generation forms include "Request a quote now," "Subscribe to our newsletter" or even "Click here to learn more." Without a CTA, some users may struggle to complete the form because they don't know what step to take next.

    #7) Include Customer Testimonials

    Statistics show that industrial chemical customer testimonials are the single most effective form of marketing content. As a result, you should include a few customer testimonials in your chemical lead generation form. Go through your company's emails to find messages from past customers praising your products or services. Next, contact these former chemical company customers for permission to use their email as a testimonial. Assuming they say "yes," you can then publish these positive statements as testimonials on your lead generation form.

    #8) Create a Sense of Urgency

    A simple way to improve the conversion rate of your chemical lead generation form is to create a sense of urgency. A limited time offer that expires in 24 or 48 hours, for example, drives conversions via fear or missing out (FOMO). Users will take action by completing the form because they don't want to miss the deal.

    #9) Use Geo Targeting

    Geo targeting has become an increasingly popular optimization strategy for industrial chemical lead generation forms. What is geo targeting exactly? Basically, this strategy involves targeting users with custom marketing messages on your chemical company's lead generation form based on their geographic location. You can modify your lead generation form with geo-targeting code so that it displays the state and/or city in which the user is located. A user from Atlanta, Georgia, for instance, may see the message "Find the best solution for your Atlanta business." It's a geo-targeted messaged because it reflects the user's location.

    #10) Split Test

    Even if you have a well-optimized industrial chemical lead generation form, you should still split test it with at least one other variant. By running two or more different chemical lead generation forms, you'll have a better understanding of what works and what doesn't. And with this information, you can optimize your lead generation form to achieve a higher conversion rate.

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