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    Even in the age of the internet and social media, calling remains one of the most effective communication channels for selling electrical products or services. Whether cold calling or warm calling, it offers a simple yet effective way for electrical contractors to reach prospects with their offers. Unfortunately, many electrical contractors are guilty of making the following mistakes when calling prospects.

    #1) Not Calling Soon Enough

    The sooner you call a prospect, the greater your chance of winning them as a customer. It's estimated that about half of all sales go

    to the first electrical contractor who reaches out to a prospect. Therefore, electrical contractors should contact prospects as soon as they obtain their contact information. Waiting days or even hours could result in the prospect buying from a different company.

    #2) Only Calling Once

    Some electrical contractors are also guilty of calling prospects only a single time. Conventional wisdom should lead you to believe that you'll generate more sales by calling prospects multiple times. Statistics show, for example, that it takes an average of eight calls to convince a prospect to buy electrical products or services. If an electrical contractor throws in the towel after the first call, it's doubtful you’ll score a sale.

    #3) Talking Too Fast

    Another common mistake electrical contractor’s make when calling prospects is talking too fast. They assume that talking fast will improve their productivity by allowing them to call more prospects in less time. But while talking fast does allow electrical contractors to reach more prospects, it often comes at the cost of a lower conversion rate. It's difficult for prospects to follow a conversation when the electrical contractor is speaking a million words per minute. By slowing down the conversation, prospects can absorb the information, thereby increasing the chance of a successful sale.

    #4) Not Emphasizing Value Proposition

    Successful electrical contractors know the importance of emphasizing value proposition during their calls with prospects. They explain their electrical product and service and how it can improve the prospect's own business. Failure to emphasize value proposition during B2B calls is a serious mistake that sends prospects away. If an electrical contractor doesn't explain the value of his or her company's product or service, it's doubtful the prospect will buy it.

    #5) Ignoring Rejections

    Rejections are bound to happen during B2B sales calls -- and that's okay. The key thing to remember is that electrical contractors should tackle these objections head on. Rather than ignoring a rejection, electrical contractors should offer a solution. If a prospect rejects an offer because he or she is skeptical of a product's performance, for example, offer a free trial.

    Wrap Up

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