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    It's not uncommon for office relocation, expansion or renovation companies to pitch their products or services to prospects in a business proposal. This written document details the prospect's specific needs and reveals how the office company's products or services can satisfy those needs. The general idea is that, after reading the office relocation, expansion or renovation proposal, the prospect will feel more confident and comfortable buying your office company's products or services. So, if you're looking to boost sales within your company, you should evaluate your business proposals. By following these tips, you can write more effective business proposals that drive sales for your office relocation, expansion or renovation company.


    Writing an effective office relocation, expansion or renovation proposal begins with creating a relevant title. Some B2B companies take shortcuts by creating generic titles for their business proposals. Unfortunately, this often results in fewer sales. An effective title for a business proposal should be specific, revealing how your company's products or services can benefit the prospect and his or her company.  Bidsketch reveals several examples of good titles for a business proposal, focusing on a specific product or service as well as the benefit of that product or service.

    Table of Contents

    Of course, your business proposal should include a table of contents as well. This is particularly true if you have a long business proposal consisting of a dozen or more pages. It's generally best to include the table of contents after the title. Like the table of contents in a book, this section should include the various sections of your business proposals and their respective titles.


    Another important section of a business proposal is qualifications. In this section, you should explain why your office relocation, expansion or renovation company and its products or services are best suited for the prospect. You can provide historic and future projection sales data, as well as testimonials from past or current customers.


    When writing a business proposal, you should also include the price of your office relocation, expansion or renovation company's products or services. This is arguably one of the most important sections of a business proposal, as price heavily influences the purchasing decisions of B2B prospects. Don't just include the per-unit price of your company's products or services here, though. Instead, include a custom price for the prospect's purchase inquiry. If a prospect is interested in buying 300 product units, detail the price of those 300 units.


    You'll also need to include a scope in your business proposal. Basically, the scope should detail the "who," "what," "when," "where" and "how" of the sale pitch. The prospect can review the scope to gain a better understanding of your office relocation, expansion or renovation company's products and services and how they can satisfy their professional needs.

    Going Back to the Beginning

    If you find yourself saying something like, “This was a really great article, BUT, I need more opportunities TO write proposals.” Ok, let’s go back to the beginning.

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