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    Since the dawn of television, businesses, such as security companies, of all shapes and sizes have used video marketing to promote their products and services. Thanks to online video-sharing platforms like YouTube, though, this marketing strategy is now more effective than ever. Even security companies can take advantage of video marketing by using it to attract leads. In fact, a study cited by the Content Marketing Institute (CMI) found that 77% of B2B marketers believe video marketing is the most effective marketing channel. But if you're thinking about using video to generate high-quality B2B leads for your security company, there are a few things you should know.

    Aim for 5 Minutes

    Try to keep your videos around five minutes to generate the strongest response. Although you can experiment with longer and shorter videos, you'll probably find that five minutes is the sweet spot for generating security leads. A study of the top ten videos on YouTube found that the average length was around four-and-a-half minutes. As videos approach the 10-minute mark, popularity begins to decline, resulting in fewer leads.

    Mention Your Security Company's Name at Least Twice

    A good rule of thumb to follow when producing security lead generation videos is to mention your company's name at least twice. You can mention it during the intro, for example, and again at the end. This helps to reinforce your company's name so that viewers are more likely to remember it. Keep in mind that there are multiple ways to mention your company's name. In addition to speaking it with a voice actor (or yourself), you can edit your videos to include a text graphic featuring your security company's name.

    Include Lead Form Link in Description

    Don't just "tell" viewers the link to your company's lead form. You'll generate more leads by actually sharing this link somewhere on your video's page. On YouTube, you can include the URL -- in plain text format -- in your video's description. Alternatively, you can create a call-to-action (CTA) overlay featuring a headline, display URL and destination URL, the latter of which being the link to your lead form. If a viewer is interested in your security company's products or services after watching the video, he or she can click one of these links to submit their contact information. Just remember to include the appropriate URL in your video's lead form link. If the link redirects viewers to a dead page, it won't yield any new B2B leads for your security company.

    Don't Rely on Sound

    While easier said than done, try to convey your marketing messages using visual elements rather than relying on sound. According to DigiDay, 85% of all videos on Facebook are watched without sound. Many users, especially those on social media, are only interested in watching videos, not listening to them. If sound is essential to your marketing videos, you may lose these users as potential viewers and, subsequently, leads.

    Add Captions

    You can go one step further by adding captions to your marketing security videos. Captions consist of lines of text that appear periodically in according to the words spoken in a video. Creating closed captions takes times, but it's well worth the effort. With closed captions, viewers can watch your company's videos with their sound turned off. Furthermore, hearing-impaired viewers can enjoy your videos. Considering that more than 48 million Americans suffer from some level of hearing loss or impairment, this is a huge benefit that can help you generate more B2B leads.

    SEO Your Videos

    If you aren't performing search engine optimization (SEO) on your B2B marketing videos, you are missing out on a huge chunk of potential leads. Followed by Google, YouTube is the world's second-largest search engine. Each month, video-sharing portal processes more than 3 billion searches. To capture these searches and convert them into valuable security leads, you must optimize your videos so that they'll rank high for popular, relevant search queries. Known as SEO, it's a complex process that involves adding a custom title and description, as well as building backlinks for your videos on third-party websites and sources.

    Highlight Your Security Company’s Products or Services

    Being that the purpose of lead generation videos is to attract leads, you'll need to convince viewers that your security company’s product or service is valuable. There's no better way to achieve this goal than by highlighting your security systems, security equipment, security design and installation as well as security repair and services in your videos. A simple how-to video is the perfect format to describe your product or service and why other businesses should buy it.

    Track Your Efforts

    Tracking metrics is essential to your security video marketing success. After uploading and promoting a new lead generation video, pay attention to how it performs. Using analytics software -- including YouTube's own native dashboard -- you can track metrics like views, average view duration, likes and more. And using your own analytics solution, you can track the number of leads your videos generate.

    Now that you’ve created and posted your new security videos, how can you gain views and make it part of your marketing program? SalesLeads finds companies that are growing, moving or renovating their facility or business. We create identified project reports with names, phone numbers and email addresses so you can contact the right person and use your video marketing on YouTube and also on your website in your sales process.

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