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    Are buyers loyal to your telephone and data services company brand? Statistics show that over half of a typical B2B company's revenue comes from repeat buyers. If a buyer is satisfied, he or she will probably stay with your telephone and data services company rather than exploring alternative solutions offered by a competitor. 

    Over-deliver to Buyers

    One way to build loyalty with your telephone and data services company is to over-deliver. In other words, go beyond buyers' expectations. If a buyer is expecting a service to be completed by the 15th of the month, perhaps you can complete it by the 12th or 13th. By overdelivering, you'll distinguish your telephone and data services company from its competitors, which in turn builds loyalty with buyers.

    Humanize Your Communications

    Humanizing your telephone and data services company's communications with buyers can also build brand loyalty. Far too many telephone and data services companies rely on automated solutions for buyer communications. As a result, they struggle to forge strong and meaningful relationships with their buyers. You can still use automation to streamline your telephone and data services company's communications, but you should take the time to humanize your brand by talking directly to buyers.

    Offer a Loyalty Rewards Program

    Consider launching a loyalty rewards program to keep buyers coming back. What is a loyalty rewards program exactly? As the name suggests, it's a program that rewards buyers for being loyal to your telephone and data services company. There are dozens of ways to structure a loyalty rewards program, but they all revolve around the use of incentives for repeat purchases. If a buyer makes a purchase, you can reward him or her with points. As the buyer accumulates these points, he or she can redeem them for free products, swag, discounts or other incentives.

    Create a Referral Program

    A referral program can help you build brand loyalty with your telephone and data services company by encouraging buyers to spread the word about your company and what it offers. If you reward buyers with 10% off their next order for referring new buyers to your telephone and data services company, for example, they'll probably continue to stay with your company. Of course, referrals alone can be a highly lucrative source of new sales, allowing your telephone and data services company to reach and attract more buyers.

    These are just a few ways to build brand loyalty with your telephone and data services company. Most importantly, though, you should offer a valuable product or service that's better than your competitors'.

    Expand Your Horizons

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