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    How much content does your B2B company produce and share with buyers? It takes time, as well as resources, to produce and share high-quality content regardless if your company sells a product, service or both. If you're willing to make the investment, though, you'll probably discover that it pays off in the form of increased lead generation, quality sales leads which can / will go into the sales reps funnel and pipeline.

    #1) Content Creation

    You might be surprised to learn that 51% of B2B companies prioritize content marketing, according to HubSpot. With so many B2B companies focusing their efforts on content marketing, you can rest assured knowing that it works. By producing and sharing valuable, educational content, you'll convince more prospective buyers evaluate your product / service and consider purchasing it for their company. 

    #2) Infographics Attract the Most Social Media Shares

    If you're trying to increase your B2B company's exposure on social media, you should consider creating infographics. While other types of content can generate social shares as well, infographics typically come out on top. According to an OKDork study, infographics attract the most shares on social media of all content types, even surpassing lists, how-to articles and videos. Infographics, of course, work well for content marketing because of their visual format. Many infographics contain embedded text, but they use images, graphics, charts and other visuals to convey important information. As a result, prospective buyers respond well to infographics, making them an essential element for a successful B2B content marketing strategy.

    #3) Nearly Half of All B2B Buyers Are Looking for Personalized Content

    For the best results, you should consider creating personalized content to share with your B2B company's audience. According to a report published by Blue Corona, nearly half of all B2B buyers (45%) are looking for personalized content. In other words, many buyers aren't looking for generic content. They are looking for personalized content that resonates with them and their interests and needs.

    There are several ways to personalize content, one of which is to include the buyer's name in it. If you're writing a report for a prospective buyer, for instance, perhaps you can mention the buyer's name at the beginning and why this content is valid for them. Upon seeing his or her name mentioned with a personalized 'why', the buyer will create a stronger connection with the personalized content, which may prompt him or her inquire about the product / service and evaluate the personalized content of 'why'. Another way to create personalized content is to focus on the buyer's own needs. You can create a personalized article, for instance, explaining the benefits of your B2B company's product or service for a single prospective buyer.

    #4) 60% of Buyers Look for Content About Products Before Making a Purchase

    It's not uncommon for prospective buyers to search for content about a product before purchasing the product. Research shows, in fact, that six in 10 prospective buyers use the internet to research products before buying them. Rather than immediately buying a product, they'll search for information about it online. With content marketing, you can provide these prospective buyers with helpful, valuable information about your B2B company's products or services. Remember, keep it fresh, and keep it relevant.

    #5) 78% of B2B Companies Believe High-Quality Content is the Key to Content Marketing Success

    To succeed with content marketing, you should focus on creating high-quality content. Contrary to what some sales reps and marketers believe, it's not the amount of content you produce that matters most; it's the quality of your B2B company's content. A report published by the Content Marketing Institute found that 78% of B2B companies believe high-quality content is the key to content marketing success. Don't take their word for it, though. You can see the benefits of high-quality content firsthand by emphasizing quality over quantity with your B2B company's content marketing strategy.

    #6) 51% of B2B Companies Measure Content Marketing Success By Lead Quality

    How do you plan on measuring the success of your B2B company's content marketing strategy? While you can always track conventional performance metrics like visits, social media shares, backlinks and comments, another idea is to track lead quality. Research shows that 51% of B2B companies measure the success of their content marketing strategy by lead quality. High-quality content with great keywords acts as a lead generation magnet. Once published online, prospective buyers will organically find it, after which they'll reach out to your B2B company to inquire about theproducts or services.

    #7) Content Marketing Yields 300% More Leads as Traditional Marketing

    When compared to traditional marketing tactics, such as direct mail and TV commercials, content marketing generates about three times as many leads. What's even more impressive, however, is the fact that content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing tactics. So, it doesn't just yield more leads; it can save your B2B company money on sales and marketing expenses.

    So now that you've attracted new sales leads with content marketing, what's next?

    You've created the interest for the sales lead to begin the evaluation process of your product or service. How can you keep them engaged in order to take it a step further?

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