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    Does your packaging equipment company's sales process include video? According to Think With Google, 70% of prospective buyers will watch at least one video during their purchasing journey, and you clearly want that to be your packaging equipment company. Regardless of what your company sells, high-quality video content can help it attract more sales leads and generate more sales. If a prospective buyer is skeptical or simply wants to see how your packaging equipment operates, he or she may search for a video online or on YouTube. Below are seven easy ways to capitalize on the sales-driving power of high-quality video content in your packaging equipment company's sales process.

    #1) Create Product Feature Videos

    One of the most effective types of video for packaging equipment companies is product feature videos. The same Think With Google report mentioned above found that product feature videos are the single most popular type of video among prospective buyers. As the name suggests, product features highlight the "features" of a product, allowing prospective buyers to make a more well-informed purchasing decision.

    #2) Create How-To Videos

    In addition to product feature videos, you should also consider using how-to videos in your packaging equipment company's sales process. While product feature videos are most popular among prospective buyers or sales leads, how-to videos are a close second. What is a how-to video exactly? It's any type of video that shows, as well as explains, how something operates. If you're trying to sell food packaging equipment, for example, you can create how-to videos detailing how the equipment works. How-to videos such as this are more effective at educating prospective buyers or sales leads than text content, making them an invaluable asset in your packaging equipment company's sales process.

    Here are some tips to follow when creating how-to videos for your B2B company's sales process:

    • Focus each video on a single product or service at a time
    • Speak clearly when explaining how a product or service works
    • For products, mention the brand name several times
    • Include closed captions to reach visually impaired viewers

    #3) Include Videos in Emails

    Your packaging equipment company's website is only one place where you can publish videos; you can include videos in your company's emails as well. Research shows that emails with at least one video generate two to three times higher open rates than emails without video. Most people check their inbox on a smartphone or tablet. With video being mobile friendly, prospective buyers can easily watch them on their mobile device. If you're going to use video in an email, though, remember to include the word "video" in the email's subject line. Otherwise, prospective buyers won't know the email contains a video until they click and open it.

    #4) Go Live With Your Videos

    You shouldn't limit your packaging equipment company's use of video strictly to prerecorded videos. While prerecorded videos can certainly drive results, live videos -- also known as livestream videos -- may prove even more beneficial. Live videos have become increasingly popular in recent years. It creates a stronger and more personal connection with viewers than prerecorded videos, which usually results in more sales leads and sales. This can be done at a customer site or stage a packaging equipment line in your testing facility.

    #5) Funnel Traffic With Links

    When creating videos to promote your packaging equipment company, as well as its products or services, consider adding links to them. Many video-sharing platforms, including YouTube, support the use of links. If you upload a video to YouTube, for example, you can add a link to your packaging equipment company's website in the description. When prospective buyers watch the video, they can click the link to visit your packaging equipment company's website.

    You can also add links to your packaging equipment company's YouTube channel. When customizing your channel, go to the "About" section, at which point you'll see a links menu. Clicking the (+) button here will allow you to add links to your company's website, Facebook page, LinkedIn Company Page and other online properties.

    #6) Create Behind-the-Scenes Videos

    Another way to use video in your packaging equipment company's sales process is to create behind-the-scenes videos. As a sales rep, it's your job to win the trust and confidence of prospective buyers. If a prospective buyer doesn't trust your packaging equipment company, it's unlikely he or she will place an order. Using behind-the-scenes videos, you can humanize your company's brand while subsequently winning the confidence of prospective buyers, sales leads. When watching a behind-the-scenes video, prospective buyers will gain a deeper level of understanding regarding your packaging equipment company's operations, which usually results in greater trust and confidence.

    #7) Showcase Testimonial Videos

    Finally, you can use testimonial videos to increase your packaging equipment company's credibility while attracting more sales leads and sales in the process. According to Content Marketing Trends Report, customer testimonials are the most effective form of content for companies. While you can always publish customer testimonials as text, using video tends to drive better results. Testimonial videos allow viewers to see the buyer while he or she recommends your packaging equipment company.

    These videos will be an instrumental part of your sales process. For instance, when you get a Project Report from SalesLeads, these are identified projects going on in your area. After you make the initial phone call (we supply the name, phone number, email address and lots of other pertinent data), you’ll want to follow up with quality content stated above, to ensure they are getting the best experience possible.

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