• Posted On Thursday, February 28, 2019 by SalesLeads, Inc.


    As a marketer, I find riding along with a sales rep inspires ideas. I recently went out with a sales rep in order to interview a customer for a case study. I really enjoy getting to meet customers, it’s a great way to understand how a customers think, their process for their choice and their experience before, during and after the delivery and installation.

    After I ask questions, and gain as much insight as possible, I always ask, “What’s next?” It never fails. During the answer, new business is always uncovered. Because I’m there to write a case study, the ‘red carpet’ is always rolled out. I ask, “Who’s responsibility is it?” or “Who else is involved?” Most times, they call that person directly to join us in the meeting, via in person or on the phone if they are in a different location.

    100% of the time, the sales rep never met this new person.

    I use this as an opportunity to show how marketing can be an asset to the sales rep’s sales process. When we get back to the office, I ask the rep to join me in the conference room. I show him/her the SalesLeads ‘Search’ capabilities. Together, we look up a customer, and review all of the contact names. After seeing the results, the rep always asks how he can gain access to the database. I give him a username and password. He goes away happy and starts using it right away.

    I already purchased access for the sales reps, told them about it, and there’s always a few that ‘forget’. So, I make it a point to go out in the field. I get great customer insights, and they get practical usage from the SalesLeads database. Give it a try. It isn’t often we get ‘wins’, but this is a guaranteed good one.

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