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    The level of trust buyers have with your structured cabling company will influence the amount of sales you generate. According to a report cited by SmallBizTrends, the most trusted structured cabling companies in 2018 generated the most profits. When buyers trust your company, they'll feel more confident making a purchase. But how exactly do you build a trustworthy brand for your B2B company?

    Now is a critical time to build that trust. According to Grand View Research The IT and telecommunications industry has been strong, and will continue to be strong. The industrial segment is expected to be strong and grow significantly for many years to come with the adoption and implementation of automation.

    When facility buyers trust your structured cabling company, they'll feel more confident making a purchase, recommending you and using your services again in the future. But how exactly do you build a trustworthy brand for your structured cabling company?

    Stay Active on Social Media

    You can build a more trustworthy brand for your structured cabling company by staying active on social media. If a buyer wants to learn more about your company, he or she may search for it on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or other social media networks. Without a presence on these social media networks, the buyer may question the legitimacy of your company. By staying active on social media, however, you'll project your structured cabling company as being transparent, more trustworthy and credible.

    Deliver on Your Promises

    It's important that you follow through with your word by delivering what you promise. If you tell a buyer that his or her order will be shipped a specific date, make sure that you ship the product by that date. If possible, try to over-deliver on your promise. Using the same example, you could ship the product before the specified shipping date. Buyers appreciate these subtle but positive gestures, viewing your structured cabling company as being more trustworthy as a result.

    Display Trust Seals on Your Structured Cable Company's Website

    Assuming your structured cable company has a website, you can use trust seals to make your company more trustworthy to buyers. Also known as trust badges, trust seals are logos used to assess trust and credibility. They are typically used for security or payment services. These can include McAfee SECURe, TRUSTe, Better Business Bureau and more.

    Don’t forget, belonging to an association, or showing that your workers are certified can be a huge benefit for your potential customers to know. Certifications such as BICSI, CNCI, CPCT to name a few.

    Publish Case Studies

    You can project your structured cabling company as being a trustworthy brand by publishing case studies. Don't just rehash the same case studies that are already available on public domain. Rather, create your own case studies highlighting the benefits of your structured cabling company's products or services.

    Be Honest and Transparency

    Transparency goes a long way in the B2B industry. If you are honest and upfront with buyers, they'll feel more confident purchasing your products or services. If you don't think a particular product or service is a good fit for a buyer, let him or her know. They'll appreciate your honesty and may ask for recommendations on alternative products or services.

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