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    What's the average length of your process equipment’s sales cycle? Conventional wisdom should lead you to believe that a shorter sales cycle will help your manufacturing company generate more sales than a longer sales cycle. However, that doesn't necessarily mean that you should rush leads and prospects through the cycle. If you're overly aggressive with your approach, you'll inadvertently push them away from your process equipment company. The good news is that there are ways to shorten your manufacturing company's sales cycle while maintaining positive interactions with leads and prospects in the process.

    Clean Up Your Process Equipment Leads

    Allowing your sales cycle to accumulate bad process equipment leads is never a good idea. When a lead is bad and no longer worth pursuing, you should remove it. Otherwise, you'll exhaust valuable time and energy on chasing those leads and trying to nurture them into customers. To shorten your company's sales cycle, remove leads that contain invalid data or are non-responsive.

    Create a Timeline

    When communicating with facility prospects, try to create a timeline. You may want to target a burner analysis, for example, by the end of the month. In doing so, industrial prospects will actively move through your sales cycle more quickly as they anticipate the upcoming event.

    Use Social Media to Engage Prospects

    Engaging prospects on social media can also shorten your combustion company's sales cycle. Statistics show that sales reps who use social media have a 28% shorter sales cycle than their counterparts who don't. This is because more than three-quarters of the U.S. adult population uses social media.  Try searching for them on LinkedIn, one of the most useful social media tools for businesses. Submit a request for connection, and now you have another avenue to communicate with the facility prospect. Now what do you want to say…read on.

    Publish Helpful, High-Quality Content

    You can leverage the power of high-quality content to shorten your burner, boiler, chiller company's sales cycle. According to one report, nearly three-fourths

    of all combustion buyers purchase from the first company that offers them something of value. While you can always give prospects a free sample or swag, high-quality content works just as well for this purpose.

    Get Projects That You Can Call Right Away

    If you knew how to get projects that you could call right away, you wouldn’t be reading the article. SalesLeads knows the answer as this is our business. SalesLeads utilizes talented researchers to uncover projects that are breaking ground, renovating their space or expanding their production. These are the very opportunities that grow your business. The identified projects, or Project Reports will give you some information on the project, information on the company, contact people for the project along with the names, phone and email address. Get a few project reports now.

    Identify the Decision Makers

    Not all prospects have the authority to make purchases on behalf of their plant or facility like our Project Reports. To create a shorter sales cycle, you must identify the decision makers for your other leads. These are the professionals who can make purchases on behalf of the company. Focusing all your time and attention on non-decision makers will only stretch out your sales cycle, so try to find and reach the decision makers.

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