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    Utilizing a sales funnel is a highly effective way to nurture sales leads or prospects, capture invaluable data, and generate more revenue. Whether your company sells a product or service (or both), you should implement a sales funnel for these reasons. But if you really want to succeed with your marketing efforts, you'll need to focus on getting more sales leads into the top of your sales funnel, which is something we're going to discuss here.

    Multi-Channel Marketing 

    You can't expect to capture many leads if your marketing efforts are limited to just one or two channels. Maybe you use cold calling to generate B2B sales leads, or perhaps you use social media. Even if these platforms are effective, you should venture into other channels to see what works and what doesn't. Known as multi-channel marketing, doing so will bring more B2B sales prospects into your sales funnel.

    One channel that frequently gets overlooked are sales lead generation companies such as SalesLeads. The benefits of SalesLeads is that we focus specifically on your industry. In order to put quality B2B sales leads into the funnel you need an identified project, contact names and their email and phone number. That's exactly what SalesLeads does with our quality researchers. Now you can continue to nurture your list of prospects and at the same time insert new sales leads into your funnel.   

    The various channels that you use make up your lead generation "cookbook", which will help you to manage each strategy and to understand what works and what doesn't work for your business. 

    Identify Your Target Market

    To whom exactly are you promoting your products or services? Mass marketing rarely works in the B2B environment. You need to identify your target audience – the audience who's most likely to buy your product or service – after which you can adjust your marketing campaigns to focus on this demographic. The more specific you can get, the more personalized your messaging will be; which will give you much better results. 

    But remember, if you target the facility manager, he doesn't have the authority to make the ultimate decision. So be sure to expand your sales efforts to the facilities manager as well as the VP and CEO. They all need to be educated at the same time so when your contract goes to them for signing, they will already be familiar and the approval process can go faster.

    Attract B2B Sales Prospects... Then Sell

    It's important to remember that your goal when using a sales funnel isn't to initially sell a product or service, but rather to attract sales leads or prospects so you can later nurture them into paying customers. Sure, selling a product or service is the end-goal. However, it's not what you should be trying to accomplish when initially contacting new prospects.

    Depending on your industry and what you sell, studies have shown that it often takes a minimum of 5-8 correspondences with a B2B sales lead before that prospect buys a product or service. So, if you pitch your product or service during the initial stages of the relationship, it may discourage the prospect from taking action. Don't worry about selling your product or service just yet, but instead focus on attracting prospects to your sales funnel, after which you can make your pitch.

    Create a Strong Message

    According to the sales experts at SalesForce, a good message should consist of three characteristics: provocative, compelling, and maintained in a positive light. When creating your marketing message, try to implement these characteristics in it. Your message should stand out, while explaining to your audience when they should choose your product or service.

    Of course, attracting prospects to your sales funnel is only half the battle. You must also nurture those prospects into paying customers.

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