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    Your security services buyers rely on you to watch over their business electronically and in person. As security services buyers are evaluating a sensitive subject...the protection of their company, make their experience a positive one. 

    Statistics show that security services buyers who are totally satisfied drive over twice the revenue as their dissatisfied counterparts. When a security services buyer has a positive experience with your security system company, he or she may return to make add-on purchases in the future. Furthermore, satisfied security services buyers may recommend your security company to other office, commercial or facility companies, driving even more revenue for your security company.

    Personalize Sales Messages

    Don't use the same generic sales messages when pitching your security company's products and services to security services buyers. Rather, use personalizes sales messages to achieve a higher level of buyer satisfaction as well as more sales. Sales emails with a personalized subject line, for example, are typically 26% more likely to be opened and read than sales emails with a generic subject line. If you know the buyer's name, include it in the subject line of your sales emails. Of course, you can personalize sales messages on other channels, so don't limit yourself to only using personalized emails. Even face-to-face communications can be personalized to create a stronger connection with security system buyers and improve their overall experience.

    Use Automation... But Not For Everything

    You can tap into the power of automation to promote a positive experience for your security services buyers. With that said, however, you shouldn't automate all your security company's processes. Automating processes like invoice emails and reminder emails can provide security services buyers with timely information about their purchase, which usually means a higher level of satisfaction. Automating customer service inquiries or cold calls, on the other hand, will likely result in a lower level of satisfaction among buyers. Buyers want to communicate with a real human. They don't want to listen to a "robocaller." For direct communications with security system buyers, avoid automation and, instead, humanize your approach.

    Use Omnichannel Marketing

    What is omnichannel marketing and how it can help you create a positive experience for buyers? Not to be confused with multichannel marketing, omnichannel marketing is a strategic approach to marketing and sales that involves the use of a variety of platforms to create an integrated buying experience. The term "omnichannel marketing" is relatively new, but it's gaining ground among security services companies because of its potential for boosting buyer satisfaction.

    With an omnichannel marketing strategy, security serivces buyers can shop for your security company's products or services using a variety of platforms, some of which may include:

    • Social media networks
    • Your security company's official website
    • Physical store or office building
    • Phone
    • Desktop computer
    • Mobile device

    Shorten Your Sales Cycle

    A long sales cycle is a serious problem for security companies. It forces facility or commercial companies to spend more time and consume more resources to generate sales, while also promoting a negative experience for buyers. With security services buyers consisting of other business owners and corporate executives, you should strive for a short sales cycle so that security services buyers can get back to their normal professional activities. According to a study by Marketing Insider Group, though, the average sales cycle of a B2B company is roughly 10 months. In other words, it takes 10 months from the moment a B2B company acquires a lead to when it converts the lead into a paying customer.

    Offer Something for Free

    A simple and effective way to improve the buying experience is to offer something for free. Assuming it's something relevant to your security services company and what it does (or sells), a freebie will leave a lasting and positive impression on buyers. Maybe you can offer buyers a free add-on product, or perhaps you can offer them at extended warranty at no additional charge. Regardless, offering something for free will promote a more positive experience for security services buyers, and let them know they made the right decision.

    Listen to What Buyers Need

    Perhaps the most effective way to promote a positive experience for security services buyers is to listen to their needs. According to a survey conducted by HubSpot, 69% of buyers say "listening to their needs" is the best way for sales reps to foster a positive experience. Far too many security sales professionals focus on one-way dialogue when communicating with buyers. Whether it's over the phone, by email or in person, they spend all the time talking or discussing their products or services, without giving buyers the opportunity to share their business problem.

    Let the prospect know that you've done your homework. Spending hours on Google isn't the answer. However, utilizing the News feature in SalesLeads' product can. 

    The News feature allows you to put in the security services buyer's company name. Next choose the type of news you want to collect that can have an impact on their business. Now you'll be notified when any news on this subject matter comes out. Your next step is to take that news, let the buyer know of the news and show how you can apply your security systems service. It's relevant and let's the security services buyer know that you understand their business.

    Don't Be Overly Aggressive

    A common mistake security services sales reps make is being too aggressive when communicating with buyers. If a buyer says he or she isn't ready to make a purchase, you can still ask the buyer why he or she isn't ready yet, but you shouldn't be overly aggressive in your efforts. When you're too aggressive and continue to push a buyer to make a purchase, it will only send him or her running in the opposite direction, all while reducing your chance of generating a sale.

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