• Posted On Monday, May 06, 2019 by SalesLeads, Inc.


    SalesLeads Inc., released its overall analysis of New Construction, Renovation, Expansion & Equipment Upgrades for companies that serve the Food & Beverage industry for Quarter 1, January 1 through March 31, 2019. 

    Q1 Results:

    Across the U.S. there are a total of 283 project reports issued for the Food & Beverage Industry. 100 New Construction project reports were issued for projects in the conceptual, planning, approval and groundbreaking phases.

    There were 93 project reports issued for companies planning renovations or industrial build-outs stage while 63 companies reported expansion plans and only 9 companies reported closures. An additional 103 companies reported equipment upgrades, a positive outlook for those looking to sell or market equipment.

    Amidst Financial Woes of Kraft Heinz by Investors, SLI Reports Davenport Iowa Plant to Invest $30M

    In a Feb 28, 2019 article, Fortune Magazine reported how the shares and reputation for Kraft Heinz collapsed. Fortune detailed investor 3G’s missing plan to grow the top line and their over zealous cost cutting measures. As of 3/28/19, SalesLeads reported the Davenport Iowa plant is investing $30M in expansion and equipment upgrades. According to our sources, the project received approval and is scheduled for completion in August 2019.

    Seafood Processing Company to Relocate HQ and Part of their Processing Facility

    Seafood processing company solidifying plans to move to new corporate headquarters after the completion.  Renovations include office and processing facility totaling 65,000 sq ft of space.

    Microbreweries Continue Their Ascent, SLI Reports Prove to be the Same

    Brewers Association for small & independent craft brewers, reported that the number of microbreweries grew from 2016 to 2017 by 19.3%. SalesLeads reported 18 microbreweries in the Midwest Region that were either expanding, renovating or under construction from 1/1/19 to 3/31/19. 

    Beverage Flavoring Company Invests in Processing Facility Expansion & Warehouse Upgrade

    A beverage flavoring company is currently seeking approval for a 50,000 sq ft expansion and equipment upgrade worth $6 million.

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