• Posted On Monday, May 13, 2019 by Evan Lamolinara


    Gamification has become a hot topic among marketing and sales managers. While gamification can be used for a variety of purposes, it's particularly effective at motivating sales teams. But what exactly is sales gamification? And why should sales management and marketing join forces?

    The Basics of Sales Gamification

    Sales gamification refers to the use of video game mechanics within a sales team to motivate sales reps and, therefore, improve their performance. It doesn't actually involve playing video games. Rather, gamification relies on common mechanics used in video games, such as points and scoreboards. You can reward sales reps with points, for example, based on number of sales they generate or for inside sales, the number of sales leads that turn into appointments. By displaying a leaderboard with the top-performing sales reps and their respective points, sales reps will be motivated to increase their numbers. Who wants to be last?

    How Sales Gamification Works

    There's no single "right" way to use gamification with your sales team and/or inside sales team. While some companies develop apps or software that display their top-performing sales reps, others simply use a dry erase board. What matters is how the sales manager and marketing department puts the program together.  You'll both decide how to set up the game, how long will it last, how will communications occur and how often and let's not forget the rules. Make this all simple, fun and adventurous for all to enjoy and compete.

    The Benefits of Sales Gamification

    Sales gamification can help underperforming sales reps and inside sales reps. Rules permitting, maybe two reps can team up to help each other out...maybe awards can be shared. However you set it up, it can help sales reps with struggling numbers.

    How about at the beginning of each month, the sales manager gives each sales rep and inside sales rep a couple of sales leads or project reports. These reports will give them an identified project along with contact names and information. Now you can be taking underperforming reps and allow them to compete head on with the top performing reps. It's a fun way to level the playing field.

    Sales gamification may also lead to increased employee satisfaction. Statistics show that only about half of employees are satisfied with their job. When the satisfaction level of your sales reps and inside sales reps begins to drop, it will manifest in the form of fewer sales and poorer performance. Gamification may boost satisfaction levels, however, by adding a fun and unique element to your B2B company's sales operations.

    You can use gamification in other aspects of your B2B company's operations. For example, you can use it in communications with prospective buyers to boost engagement. But gamification is particularly effective when used internally within your B2B company's sales team because of its ability to motivate and improve the satisfaction of sales reps.

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