• Posted On Thursday, November 28, 2019 by Evan Lamolinara


    As an office security sales rep, you probably know that not all buyers will answer your calls. Most B2B sales calls, in fact, reach the buyer's voicemail. With a little work, you might be able to convince the buyer to return your call and, therefore, convince him or her to make a purchase. However, you should first familiarize yourself with the following voicemail statistics to gain a better understanding of this age-old sales tactic.

    #1) 80% of Sales Calls Go to Voicemail

    A recent report published by RingLead found that 80% of all sales calls go to voicemail. If you make 50 sales calls per day, for example, you can expect to reach about 10 buyers. Therefore, you'll have to invest a substantial amount of time and effort to generate positive results from your cold calls.

    #2) The Average Voicemail Response Rate Is Less Than 5%

    You won't always get a response after leaving a voicemail. Statistics show the average response rate for B2B voicemails is less than 5%.

    #3) Sales Reps Spend 15% of Their Workday Leaving Voicemails

    How much time do you spend leaving voicemails? According to Ringlead, the average sales rep spends 15% of his or her workday leaving voicemails. Therefore, they aren't able to invest as heavily into other sales channels and tactics.

    #4) Scripted Voicemails Can Increase Response Rates By Up to 22%

    Many security industry sales reps assume that scripted voicemails deter buyers from returning their calls. In reality, though, using the right script can encourage buyers to return your calls. According to InsideSales, well-planned scripted voicemails can increase response rates by up to 22%. But remember, don't 'sound' like you're reading from a script.

    #5) The Ideal Length is 8 to 14 Seconds

    When leaving voicemails on security buyers' phones, it's important to use an appropriate length. If your voicemails are too short, you won't be able to convey all the necessary information. If they are too long, buyers may not listen to them entirely. What's an appropriate length for a B2B sales voicemail?  According to The Sales Hunter, voicemails between 8 and 14 seconds work best for sales reps.

    #6) Nearly Half of Sales Reps Don't Feel Prepared for Calls

    Finally, research shows nearly half of all B2B sales reps (40%) don't feel prepared for calls. As a result, they aren't able to leave effective voicemails that compel buyers to return their calls. 

    Although cold calling and leaving meaningful voicemails are vital to your sales lead generation, consider adding SalesLeads' Project Reports to your calling efforts. Our Project Reports are uncovered and monitored by our researchers. Their job is to track companies that are relocating, expanding or building facilities. These are great opportunities for security companies to help keep their new facility safe. 

    Our Project Reports contain vital calling information, and when you leave a voicemail, you can now tell how critical what you say in a voicemail can encourage a call back. They have a project, and you have a solution that can be intelligently applied to what they need to have done. Give the Project Reports a try.


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