• Posted On Monday, October 28, 2019 by Evan Lamolinara


    For most companies, the holiday season signals new sales opportunities. Consumers in the United States spend billions of dollars on products and services throughout the months of November and December. Unfortunately, though, commercial office supply companies often experience fewer sales during this time of year. While consumers are eager to spend money during the holidays, businesses are typically more reluctant. As a result, you might be wondering what steps you can take to increase your company's sales during the holidays.

    Keep Calling Buyers

    Not all buyers will answer the first time you call them. Statistics show, for example, that it takes an average of 18 calls to reach a buyer. During the holidays, it can take even more calls to reach a buyer. Many businesses are closed for days or even entire weeks during the holidays. If you call a sales lead or prospect when his or her business is closed, your call will probably go unanswered. Therefore, you should remain persistent by continuing to call buyers throughout the holidays until you are able to reach them.

    Leave Meaningful Voicemails

    Even if you're unable to reach a buyer during the holidays, you can still leave him or her a voicemail. A simple 20- to 30-second voicemail can often mean the difference between generating a sale lead and losing a buyer. Just remember to leave your contact information in the voicemail. Otherwise, the buyer probably won't return your call.

    Use a Combination of Outbound and Inbound Tactics

    You'll probably experience better results during the holidays by using a combination of both outbound and inbound sales tactics. Outbound sales tactics include traditional methods like calling and direct mail, whereas inbound sales tactics include newer and more modern methods like blogging, video creation and content marketing. B2B buyers often use the holiday season as an opportunity to research new products or services. With inbound sales tactics, you can connect with these buyers and introduce them to your commercial office supply company.

    Offer Holiday Discounts or Promotions

    Don't underestimate the sales-driving power of holiday discounts or promotions. Some sales reps assume that holiday discounts or promotions are only effective for B2C companies, but this isn't the case. B2B, like office supply companies can also benefit from offering holiday discounts or promotions. The key thing to remember is that you need to place a time limit on your offer. If you're offering 10% off, for example, make it limited to a specific period of the holidays. That way, you'll trigger impulse purchases from buyers who don't want to miss the discount or promotion.

    Let People Know Your Office Supply Products & Services Exist

    Let SalesLeads help you put together a target list that represents your best customers. Identify one to five of your best customers. We’ll walk you through a list of questions in order to fully understand why the customer purchased from you. We’ll develop a custom list that best represents your customers in a specific territory. Now you’ll have a better chance of moving the sales lead along to enter into the sales funnel. Learn more about it.

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