• Posted On Friday, May 01, 2020 by Evan Lamolinara


    Not all industrial sales leads are made equal. As a sales rep, you're probably aware that some industrial sales leads are more likely to convert than others. You may spend countless hours trying to convert an industrial sales lead, all to no avail, whereas other sales leads may voluntarily purchase your industrial sales company's products or services with little or no work on your behalf. While allowing a few low-quality industrial sales leads to dilute your industrial company's database may sound harmless, it's a serious problem that can jeopardize your industrial company's success in several ways.

    Inaccurate Contact Information

    Low-quality industrial sales leads often contain inaccurate contact information. In other words, the name, phone number, email address or other contact sales lead about the prospective buyer would be wrong. If you source low-quality sales leads with inaccurate contact information you may end up with inaccurate contact information such as this.

    Stale or Outdated

    Another problem associated with low-quality sales leads is the potential for them being stale or outdated. If you purchase sales leads from a shady or unverified vendor, you really don't know how -- or more importantly when -- the sales leads were harvested. The vendor may have harvested them last week, or the vendor may have harvested them from several years ago. If the latter is true, it's safe to assume the sales leads won't convert. If a prospective buyer completed a sales lead form several years ago, he or she probably isn't interested in making a purchase still.

    SalesLeads focuses only in two specific areas: industrial and office. Our sales leads or Project Reports are tracked and verified by our researchers where sales opportunities come from planned industrial construction, expansion, relocation and equipment modernization projects.

    Duplicate Information

    Many low-quality industrial sales leads contain duplicate information. You might purchase a list of 200 sales leads, for instance, that contains 50 duplicate leads. In other words, 50 of the leads are included twice in the list. While you can always clean up your sales lead list before contacting the prospective buyers, this is still an extra step that takes time away from your sales activities. By choosing high-quality industrial sales leads from SalesLeads, on the other hand, you can rest assured knowing that duplicate information isn't a problem.

    Unknown Methods of Acquisition

    With low-quality sales leads, you may not know how they were harvested or acquired. Why does this matter? Maybe the vendor who's selling the low-quality sales leads harvested them using an automated program that scans the internet while capturing prospective buyers' information. When sources in this manner, leads are unlikely to convert.

    The bottom line is that lead quality is far more important than lead quantity. You'll experience better sales success by sourcing high-quality industrial sales leads from SalesLeads.

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