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    A sales funnel is a multipurpose tool that can help you nurture prospective buyers through your B2B company's sales process. Also known as a purchasing funnel, it consists of several stages that represent a particular stage in a typical buyer's journey. At the top of the sales funnel is the awareness stage, and at the bottom of the sales funnel is the action of closing a sale. Middle of the Funnel (MOFU), as the name suggests, represents the middle stage of the sales funnel. For a better understanding of MOFU in B2B sales, keep reading.

    What Is MOFU?

    MOFU is the middle stage of a typical sales funnel. During MOFU, prospective buyers are researching possible solutions for a problem they've encountered. They've already made contact with your B2B company, with MOFU representing the researching stage of their purchasing journey.

    Prospective buyers typically don't buy products or services after the initial communication with a B2B sales rep. No matter what your B2B company sells, prospective buyers will likely spend time researching various solutions before committing to a purchase. MOFU, of course, is the middle stage of a buyer's purchasing journey. It represents the stage when a prospective buyer begins to search for a solution to his or her problem.

    How to Nurture Prospective Buyers in MOFU

    For a successful sales strategy, you must nurture prospective buyers through all stages of the sales funnel -- and MOFU is no exception. With that said, MOFU is arguably the most important stage of the sales funnel because it influences whether or not a prospective buyer will proceed to the final, purchasing stage. If you fail to nurture a prospective buyer during MOFU, he or she may choose a competitor's product or service.

    You can nurture prospective buyers during MOFU by providing them with valuable content. MOFU is all about researching. During this stage, prospective buyers will research the benefits and features of your B2B company's product or service to determine if it's right for their business. Therefore, providing them with valuable information that emphasizes a unique selling proposition can help you succeed.

    You can send prospective buyers guides, infographics, PDFs or even videos. Assuming the content conveys a unique selling proposition that's not found in your competitor's product or service, prospective buyers are likely to move farther down your sales funnel, eventually resulting in a sale. As prospective buyers consume your content, they'll feel more compelled to make a purchase. Therefore, you'll move prospective buyers down your sales funnel where they ultimately make a purchase.

    Project Reports are the gateway to MOFU. These Reports are identified projects within the company that our researchers track for long or shorter periods of time. Because they are identified projects with the contacts for the project, much of the initial work is completed for you and ready for the next stage of the sales cycle: MOFU. Take a look at some of the descriptions of the projects by opening up a free account. 

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