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    There are well over a dozen social media networks. While Facebook may rank as the most popular, none are more effective for B2B selling than LinkedIn. Statistics show that 89% of B2B companies use LinkedIn to generate leads. By creating a Company Page, you can attract leads naturally. With that said, a Company Page is only effective if prospective buyers can find it. Therefore, you should optimize your Company Page so that it generates more traffic and reaches more prospective buyers.

    Complete All Sections

    The more complete your Company Page, the more traffic it will generate. LinkedIn shows a completion meter that reflects how "complete" your Company Page. While some fields are required, others are optional. Regardless, you should complete all sections of your Company Page so that it reaches more prospective buyers.

    Here are some of the different sections that you should complete on your Company Page:

    • Company size
    • Description
    • Logo
    • Address
    • Industry

    Post Regular Updates

    Your Company Page will attract more traffic if you post regular updates to it. LinkedIn supports updates in the form of text, images, videos and even documents. To post a new update, click the "Start a post" button on your Company Page while logged in as the admin You can then choose the type of content that you wish to post as well as other options.

    Like other social networks, LinkedIn supports the use of hashtags in posts. Adding hashtags to your posts will increase their visibility by making them searchable. If a prospective buyer searches for one of your hashtags, he or she may discover your post and, therefore, your Company Page.

    Link to Your Company Page

    You can drive more traffic to your Company Page by linking to it. If your B2B company has an official website -- which it should -- you can use it to build links to your Company Page. Alternatively, you can link to your Company Page in emails as well as other social networks.

    Use LinkedIn Ads

    LinkedIn offers an advertising service that you can use to drive traffic to your Company Page. Known as LinkedIn Ads, it uses a performance-based pricing model. In other words, you'll only pay when someone clicks your ads and visits your Company Page. If you're willing to spend the money, you can use LinkedIn Ads to reach more prospective buyers with your Company Page.

    You can learn more about LinkedIn Ads by clicking here.

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