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    How much time do you spend calling prospective buyers? Considering that over nine in 10 buyer interactions occur over the phone, calling is a regular activity performed by B2B sales reps. Unfortunately, though, it can be time-consuming as well. According to HubSpot, it takes B2B sales reps an average of 18 calls to connect with prospective buyers. Assuming you call multiple prospective buyers per day, you may spend hours on the phone. You can still call prospective buyers to source new leads and generate more sales, but you should consider using a sales dialer to streamline this otherwise tedious sales activity.

    What Is a Sales Dialer?

    A sales dialer is a piece of software that's designed to automate sales calls. Also known as an auto-dialer, they typically provide a one-click button for calling prospective buyers. Rather than manually dialing a prospective buyer's 10-digit phone number, you can click a single button in the sales dialer software. The software connects to your phone system, so when you press the button, it will automatically call the prospective buyer.

    It's important to note that sales dialers don't automate the calls themselves; they only automate the dialing process. Some B2B sales reps assume that sales dialers are robocalling software that uses an automated voice to speak to prospective buyers. Depending on the type of sales dialer, it may offer similar features as robocalling software, but that's not what they are intended to do. They are known as "sales dialers" because they provide automated "dialing." The software will automatically the prospective buyer, at which point you can read your script or otherwise engage with the prospective buyer.

    Benefits of Using a Sales Dialer

    Using a sales dialer can prove beneficial for several reasons. As a B2B sales rep, you're probably aware of just how time-consuming it is to manually call prospective buyers. It can consume so much of your time, in fact, that you may struggle to perform other sales activities like lead nurturing and following up with new or existing buyers. With a sales dialer, you can call prospective buyers more quickly. You won't have to manually dial each prospective buyer whom you wish to call. Sales dialers offer a simple one-click button that will automatically prospective buyers on your list.

    While many sales dialers operate as standalone software, some of them support customer relationship management (CRM) integration. In other words, you can integrate the sales dialer into your company's CRM software. The Lighting Dialer, for example, is a sales dialer that's compatible with the Salesforce CRM. If your company uses Salesforce, you can integrate the Lightning Dialer into its CRM. Other CRMs support different sales dialers. If your B2B company uses a different CRM, you can acquire with the provider to see which sales dialers it supports.

    Most sales dialers support voice messages. If the prospective buyer doesn't answer -- which is common when calling prospective buyers -- the software will automatically leave your recorded voicemail. You don't have to manually leave a voicemail. After recording and adding your voicemail to the software, the sales dialer will leave it for you. This is just one more benefit of using a sales dialer.

    You can use a sales dialer to prioritize your sales calls. Some prospective buyers are more likely to make a purchase than others. A prospective buyer who holds a C-level position as his or her company, for instance, has a higher chance of converting than a buyer who holds a lower-level position. A sales dialer allows you to prioritize your sales calls by targeting these high-quality leads first.

    All sales dialers provide analytics that you can use to measure the effectiveness and performance of your sales calls. You'll be able to see firsthand how many prospective buyers you called, how many of those buyers answered your calls, the length of your calls and more. All of this data can help you plan a more strategic and effective calling strategy that drives results for your B2B company. Without a sales dialer, you won't have access to this data.

    With these benefits, using a sales dialer will maximize your productivity. You'll be able to call more prospective buyers in less time. Calls are a regular part of most sales reps' daily activities. The downside is that they can eat up a sales rep's time while making him or her less productive in the process. A sales dialer promotes higher productivity levels by automating many parts of a typical sales call. It will automate dialing as well as voicemails. In turn, you'll be more productive when using a sales dialer to call prospective buyers.

    In Conclusion

    If you call prospective buyers to promote your B2B company's products or services, you should consider using a sales dialer. The software will streamline your calling activities so that you are more productive, as well as effective, when calling prospective buyers.

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