• Posted On Saturday, February 29, 2020 by Evan Lamolinara


    Does your chemical company's brand suffer from a lack of humanization? If buyers can't relate to your chemical company's brand on a personal level, they may feel reluctant to purchase. You can humanize your chemical company's brand, however, in several ways.

    #1) Avoid Automated Responses

    To humanize your chemical company's brand, avoid using automated responses for all buyer communications. Countless chemical companies use automatic response systems for communications. While it may seem like an effective way to speed up your sales process, it can harm your chemical company's brand image. Buyers become frustrated when stuck in the automated response loop and will assume that your chemical company either doesn't care about its buyers or that your chemical company doesn't have the time to talk to its buyers. 

    #2) Showcase Photos of Sales Reps

    You can humanize your chemical company's brand by showcasing photos of its sales reps. Don't just use photos of your chemical company's workplace or its products or services. Instead, upload actual photos of your chemical company's sales reps. This allows buyers to see exactly who operates your chemical company's sales department. Do the same thing with any CSRs or Customer Service Reps. The CSRs are the front line people to answer questions, handle complaints and uncover additional sales leads. Not only will this be a benefit to your potential new sales lead, but also to your customers.

    #3) Pick Up the Phone

    Email might be the most common method of communication used in the chemical industry, but that doesn't mean calling is obsolete. When compared to email, calling actually offers several advantages, one of which is increased brand humanization. When you call a buyer, he or she will hear your voice. The buyer will recognize you as a real person and not an automatic "bot" which can improve your opportunity for a sale as you're beginning to build a relationship.

    #4) Schedule Face-to-Face Meetings

    Scheduling face-to-face meetings with buyers can help humanize your chemical company's brand as well. Assuming your chemical company operates locally, you'll probably discover that many buyers prefer face-to-face meetings over email or even calling. Face-to-face meetings give buyers the opportunity to see the human side of your chemical company's brand, which can have a positive impact on their decision to purchase your chemical company's products or services.

    #5) Stay Active on LinkedIn

    You can use LinkedIn to humanize your chemical company's brand. Statistics show that LinkedIn is responsible for driving over half of all social media-related traffic to B2B companies' websites. More importantly, though, the professional social media network can help humanize your chemical company's brand. Like other social media networks, LinkedIn allows you to create and connect profiles to your chemical company's page. In turn, buyers can see the sales reps, as well as other professionals, who operate your chemical company.

    Now that you have these important branding elements underway, now its time to put it to use. As you know our Project Reports are a perfect source to find identified projects within the industrial chemical industry. You can apply the above techniques, along with personalized calling efforts. Because you have information on the identified project along with the project contact information, be sure to share insights into how your product or service can be of benefit to their company. Personalizing the conversation can make all the difference.

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