• Posted On Thursday, February 13, 2020 by Evan Lamolinara


    As a B2B sales rep, you probably know the importance of staying productive. Unfortunately, research shows the average B2B sales rep is only productive for about three hours in a typical eight-hour workday. If this sounds familiar, check out the following tips to improve sales productivity.

    #1) Create Sales Goals or Quotas

    Creating sales goals, or quotas, can have a positive impact on your productivity levels. With clear goals or quotas, you'll know exactly what you need to do to succeed. Goals serve as a roadmap to your B2B company's success. They'll keep you on track ensuring revenue is brought into the company so it can have a healthy future. 

    #2) Source High-Quality Sales Leads

    Don't underestimate the importance of sourcing high-quality sales leads. If you're forced to use a list of low-quality sales leads, you probably won't generate many, if any, sales. You will, however, spend an excessive amount of time and energy contacting the low-quality sales leads. That's why SalesLeads reinforces the quality of our sales leads, or Project Reports, led by our experienced researchers. We specialize in only industrial and office Project Leads so we can track, and build long standing relationships that delivers quality sales leads to you each month.

    #3) Use a Time-Tracking App

    Assuming you aren't using one already, you should consider using a time-tracking app. Time-tracking apps live up to their namesake by helping you keep track of time. They don't just show the current time of day. Rather, they show exactly how much time you spend on each task, which will help you manage your working hours a little better.

    #4) Combine Inbound and Outbound Sales Tactics

    Use a combination of both inbound and outbound sales tactics when communicating with buyers. Relying exclusively on outbound sales tactics, such as cold calling, may harm your productivity levels. With inbound sales tactics, such as content marketing, buyers will reach out to your B2B company on their own volition. If you have a marketing department, partner with them for help. 

    #5) Embrace Automation

    While you can't automate all your B2B sales tasks, there are some tasks that you can, as well as should, automate to improve your productivity levels. You can automate call logging, for example. Rather than trying to manually track each inbound and outbound call, use a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution that supports automated call logging.

    #6) Don't Waste Time in Unnecessary Meetings

    Unnecessary meetings are one of the most common causes of low productivity levels among B2B sales reps. One study, in fact, found that 15% of a typical companies' time is spent in meetings. You can still attend meetings, but you should try to avoid unnecessary meetings that don't impact you or your job as a B2B sales rep.

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