• Posted On Tuesday, March 17, 2020 by Evan Lamolinara


    When communicating with buyers, it's important to ask the right questions. If you ask the wrong questions -- or if you don't ask any questions -- you won't be able to gain insight into their unique needs. As a result, you'll experience greater difficulty when selling your B2B company's products or services. So, what type of questions should you ask buyers?

    What's the Biggest Challenge Facing Your Business?

    All businesses have challenges. When contacting buyers, you should try to entice them into disclosing their business's biggest challenge. Maybe the buyer's business is struggling to expand into a new market, or perhaps the buyer's business is suffering from outdated equipment. Regardless, by identifying the buyer's biggest challenge, you'll be able to recommend a product or service sold by your B2B company as a solution.

    How Did You Hear About Us?

    You should also ask buyers how they heard about or otherwise discovered your B2B company. Why is this important exactly? Well, some marketing and sales channels will drive more leads than others. By asking buyers how they discovered your B2B company, you'll be able to identify which channels are most effective. If the majority of buyers discovered your B2B company through its LinkedIn Company Page, for instance, you may want to increase your time and attention towards LinkedIn.

    What's Your Budget?

    Of course, you should also inquire about buyers' budges. Some buyers are willing to spend more money than others. If you pitch a product that's outside of the buyer's budget, you can expect a low rate of success. Buyers in the B2B industry typically have strict budgets, so you'll need to find out how much money they are willing to spend before making your sales pitch.

    What's Holding You Back?

    If a buyer declines to make a purchase when initially pitch your B2B company's product or service, you should ask what's holding him or her back. Objections are common in the B2B industry, but if you're able to identify the reason a buyer declines your sales offer, you may able to find a solution.

    When Will You Be Ready to Make a Purchase?

    Don't forget to ask buyers when they will be ready to make a purchase. Some buyers have to run purchases through other upper-level executives, which can take time. By asking a buyer when he or she will be ready to make a purchase, you'll have a better chance at generating a sale.

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