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    When researching marketing tactics for your B2B company, you'll probably come across blogging. Creating and sharing blog posts is an inexpensive and effective form of inbound marketing that can help your B2B company generate more leads. As prospective buyers stumble upon your B2B company's blog posts, some of them may inquire about making a purchase. If you're skeptical of the benefits of B2B blogging, you should check out the following statistics.

    #1) Nearly Half of B2B Buyers Read 3 to 5 Pieces of Content Before Contacting a Sales Rep

    According to HubSpot, nearly half of all B2B buyers read three to five pieces of content before contacting a sales rep. B2B buyers typically begin their journey with research. With a blog, you can reach buyers during these early stages of their journey.

    #2) 57% of B2B Companies Have Acquired a Buyer From Blogging

    A separate HubSpot report found that 57% of B2B companies have acquired at least one new buyer from blogging. Not everyone who visits your B2B company's blog will make a purchase. Nonetheless, you can use a blog to acquire leads -- and those leads may convert into buyers and sales at a later date.

    #3) Two in Three B2B Companies That Blog Generate More Leads Than Their Counterparts

    It shouldn't come as a surprise to learn that blogging is an effective lead-generation strategy for B2B companies. According to Bluelist, two in three B2B companies that blog generate more leads than non-blogging B2B companies. Even if you don't include a lead-generation form on your blog, you can still acquire leads organically by publishing your B2B company's contact information on its blog.

    #4) 86% of B2B Companies Have a Blog

    Think blogging is only popular among B2C companies? Think again. Statistics show a staggering 86% of all B2B companies have a blog. With so many B2B companies using them, you can rest assured knowing that a blog is a useful marketing and sales tool.

    #5) B2B Blog Posts With Images Generate 94% More Traffic

    When creating posts for your B2B company's blog, consider adding an image. There's an old saying that a picture is worth a thousand words. Perhaps this why B2B blog posts with images generate 94% more traffic than all-text posts.

    #6) B2B Companies That Blog Generate 67% More Leads

    According to IMPACT, B2B companies that blog generate 67% more leads than non-blogging B2B companies. There are countless ways to generate B2B blogs, but blogging consistently ranks as one of the most effective. Like other inbound marketing techniques, it relies on high-quality content to attract leads organically.

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