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    You can capture more B2B leads to target in your company's sales activities by publishing and promoting explainer videos. Like consumers, B2B buyers often research products before buying them. Most B2B buyers won't immediately purchase a new product. Rather, they'll spend at least some time digging into its features and benefits to determine whether or not it's a smart investment for their respective business. Product explainer videos allow you to educate B2B buyers about your company's products while cultivating new and high-quality leads in the process.

    What Is a Product Explainer Video?

    A product explainer video is a type of marketing video that's designed to educate viewers about a specific product and how it works. They are called "explainer videos" because they "explain" how a product works. Some product explainer videos are recorded in live-action, whereas others use animation. Regardless, they all produce insight into a specific product.

    While there are different types of product explainer videos, most of them share some common characteristics:

    • Focus on a single product
    • Narration that discusses the product's features and benefits
    • Features brand imagery, such as logos and names
    • Shows the product being used as intended

    The Lead Generation Benefits of Product Explainer Videos

    Product explainer videos are effective at generating leads for several reasons, one of which is the ability to reach prospective buyers on new channels. The way in which B2B buyers research products is changing. While some of them still read articles, blog posts, whitepapers and other text content, many B2B buyers now use video-sharing platforms for this purpose. A report published by Forbes found that over half of all C-level executives search for video content on YouTube at least once a week. With product explainer videos, you can connect with C-level executives -- as well as other decision-makers -- while capturing them as B2B leads.

    Generating high-quality B2B leads is oftentimes a challenge because of the sheer amount of ads to which B2B buyers are exposed. Research shows that the average person sees about 5,000 ads per day. If you use traditional outbound methods to capture B2B leads, your messages will likely get lost in a neverending sea of ads. Product explainer videos are typically more effective because they attract B2B buyers naturally without interrupting their attention.

    You can easily measure the performance of your B2B company's product explainer videos. Like other forms of digital content, video is measurable. When you publish an explainer video online, you'll be able to track its total views, completion rate, average watch time, number of shares, number of likes, number of comments and more. You can even track the specific number of B2B leads that an explainer video generates using a trackable link or phone number.

    Perhaps the greatest benefit of using product explainer videos for lead generation is their ability to drive engagement. Prospective B2B buyers are more likely to, in some way, engage with your B2B company after watching a product explainer video than other types of videos. This is because product explainer videos help prospective B2B buyers understand a featured product. Most B2B buyers won't buy a product unless they know how it works. Product explainer videos show B2B buyers the mechanics of a product so that they can make a well-informed purchasing decision.

    Tips on Creating Product Explainer Videos

    You can capture more leads with product explainer videos by keeping them short. B2B buyers are busy professionals who don't have a lot of free time to spend browsing and watching videos. As a result, they may abandon a product explainer video if it's too long. According to Marketing Land, in fact, videos published on Facebook have an average time of just 10 seconds. While other platforms may have a higher average watch time, you should still keep your product explainer videos short so that prospective B2B buyers don't abandon them.

    Don't forget to include at least one call to action (CTA) in your product explainer videos. If you're trying to capture B2B leads, you'll need to tell prospective B2B buyers what step they should take next. Maybe you want them to complete a lead-generation form on your B2B company's website, or perhaps you want them to call and schedule an appointment with one of your B2B company's sales reps. Regardless, each product explainer video should include at least one CTA telling prospective B2B buyers what they should do next.

    After publishing a product explainer video online, you should let your B2B company's audience know about it. Promoting the video -- whether through paid or unpaid methods -- will help spread the word so that it generates more views. Assuming you target the right audience, this will drive more B2B leads.

    You can generate more B2B leads with product explainer videos by enabling captions. B2B buyers often watch videos in a corporate office where they are surrounded by other people. Therefore, many of them disable the sound. With captions, B2B buyers can read the narration of your explainer videos, meaning sound isn't required to convey your message.

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