• Posted On Thursday, June 11, 2020 by Vince Antoine

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    Countless B2B companies use sales cadences to engage their sales leads and prospects. It's a time-tested sales tactic that works well when selling nearly any B2B product or service. Unless you know what a sales cadence is and how it works, though, you won't be able to take advantage of them. So, for a better understanding of sales cadences in the B2B industry, keep reading.

    Overview of Sales Cadences

    A sales cadence is a series of sales-related activities that's designed to nurture sales leads and prospects through your B2B company's sales pipeline. You can use different channels to execute a sales cadence, including phone and email. A phone cadence may involve calling a sales lead once every three days while slowly nurturing him or her, whereas an email cadence may involve the use of a drip-feed newsletter that automatically sends a sales lead an email once every four to five days. Regardless of the channel used, all sales cadences consist of multiple messages that gradually move leads and prospects through your B2B company's sales pipeline.

    Benefits of Using Sales Cadences

    By using a sales cadence, you can nurture your B2B company's sales leads and prospects so that they are more likely to make a purchase. Most sales leads and prospects, won't make a purchase during their initial correspondence with your B2B company or its sales reps. Rather, you'll need to warm them up through nurturing before they'll make a purchase. A sales cadence is an effective lead-nurturing tactic that compels leads and prospects to move through your B2B company's sales pipeline, eventually reaching the bottom where they make a purchase.

    You can also use a sales cadence to gather data on your B2B company's sales leads and prospects. As you nurture sales leads and prospects, you can ask them questions to learn more about what, exactly, they need to help their respective business succeed. With this information in hand, you can create high-quality sales messages that resonate with sales leads and prospects.

    Sales Cadence Tips and Tricks

    For a successful sales cadence, you must space your messages far enough apart so that they don't come off as spam. In other words, don't send sales leads or prospects messages every day. Instead, space out your messages by at least several days.

    Another tip for a successful sales cadence is to personalize your messages. Whether you contact a sales lead or prospect by email, phone or any other channel, you should personalize the message so that it's relevant to the sales lead or prospect. Personalizes sales cadences drive far more sales than non-personalized sales cadences.

    Your final tip is to use SalesLeads Custom Lead Generation Service. The Custom Lead Generation allows you to identify your perfect customer by working with the team at SalesLeads. We'll work through your customer's persona and begin to identify companies or sales prospects that closely match. This will allow you to maximize your efforts with the greatest reward. 

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