• Posted On Tuesday, April 21, 2020 by Evan Lamolinara


    Not all B2B sales reps work from a commercial office. In recent years, many have begun performing some or all of their work from home. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), in fact, 24% of all workers in the United States work from home. As a B2B sales rep, though, working from home poses several challenges, one of which is trying to stay productive. If this sounds familiar, you should consider the following tips to improve your B2B sales productivity when working from home.

    Create a To-Do List

    You'll have an easier time completing tasks and achieving your sales objectives when working from home if you create a to-do list. At the end of your workday, go ahead and create a list of all the tasks you need to complete the following day. You may want to prioritize these tasks based on importance, meaning you should place the most important task at the top of the list and the least important at the bottom of the list. With a to-do list in hand, you'll have a roadmap to stay productive when working from home.

    Isolate Your Work Environment

    Distractions can cripple your B2B sales productivity when working from home. If you work in a commercial office, you'll probably be exposed to few or no distractions. Unfortunately, working from home is a different story. Whether it's a TV running in the background or the mailman knocking at your front door, distractions will divert your attention away from your sales tasks. In turn, you'll be less productive. To prevent distractions from adversely affecting your B2B sales productivity, you must isolate your work environment. For example, consider dedicating a room or office for your sales tasks. When you are working, stay in this area of your home to block out distractions and increase productivity.

    Cut Back on Checking Your Inbox

    You'll probably want to check your inbox when working from home. Research shows that the average worker spends two and a half hours checking their inbox in a typical week. As a B2B sales rep, you'll probably use email to communicate with prospects. While there's nothing wrong with checking your inbox, though, you shouldn't spend the bulk of your workday browsing through your messages. Consider limiting yourself to only checking your inbox once every half-hour or hour. By spending less time in your inbox, you'll have more time to invest in other sales tasks.

    Following Up on Sales Leads

    Working from home can give you the ability to concentrate on your conversation with a potential new customer. There's nobody to pass your office, no distractions at the water cooler, and no reason to stop by the local coffee shop to get the job done. Now that you have a quiet, dedicated place to work at home, your conversations can be more strategic, informative, and can position you for success.

    Especially when calling contacts from Project Reports, or sales leads, you need to make the conversation count. These are identified projects, and a great opportunity for success. Now with nothing to stop you, you calls to the contacts on the Project Report can be meaningful and move these great opportunities through the sales funnel with speed. 

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