• Posted On Tuesday, May 19, 2020 by Evan Lamolinara


    Customer service plays a key role in the B2B sales cycle. Companies that offer poor customer service such as not calling back or unable to get timely information, will not only struggle to attract interested or serious buyers; they'll also struggle to retain them. According to a study by PWC, nearly nine in 10 B2B buyers will pay more for a product or service if the company that sells it offers excellent customer service. By making a few adjustments to your sales strategy, you can achieve a higher level of customer service to maximize your B2B company's sales revenue.

    Become a Problem Solver

    B2B buyers typically purchase products and services to solve a problem. Maybe a B2B buyer is looking to expand his or her business into a new market, or perhaps a B2B buyer needs to perform a task faster and more efficiently. Regardless, when B2B buyers encounter a problem, they'll often look towards the products or services of a supplier for an answer. By working with the B2B buyer to solve his or her problem, you'll improve the buyer's experience while increasing your chances of generating a sale in the process.

    Don't Be Pushy

    As a B2B sales rep, you must walk a fine line between pitching your company's product or service and not being pushy. Research shows that 84% of B2B buyers have had a negative experience because of a pushy sales rep. If you are too aggressive with your sales activities, B2B buyers may stop engaging with you and your company. Instead, they'll investigate the products or services of a competitor's company with a gentler, less-aggressive sales process.

    Personalize Communications

    Another way to improve customer service in the B2B industry is to personalize communications with B2B buyers. In the era of robocalling, many B2B buyers disregard unpersonalized communications as spam. Whether you call or email a B2B buyer, you should personalize your message so that he or she recognizes it as being relevant. Opening a call or email with the B2B buyer's name, for instance, will create a stronger connection with the B2B buyer that fosters a positive experience.

    Offer Unexpected Value

    You can improve your company's customer service by offering B2B buyers something of value that they didn't otherwise expect to receive. Adding a thank you gift to a B2B buyer's order, for instance, will increase his or her perception of your company. No matter how small, a thank you gift will show the buyer that your company is willing to go the extra mile and appreciates their business.

    Let's Try It Out

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