• Posted On Thursday, May 21, 2020 by Evan Lamolinara

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    Have you heard of buyer personas? They've become an increasingly popular tool used by B2B sales reps in recent years. According to some studies, nearly half of all B2B sales reps use buyer personas. It allows them to use highly relevant, as well as targeted, sales activities that ultimately results in increased sales. Before you can start using buyer personas, though, you must first understand how they work.

    Overview of Buyer Personas

    Also known as a customer persona, a buyer persona is a metaphorical profile that represents a target demographic of prospective buyers who typically purchase your B2B company's products or services.

    Regardless of what your B2B company does, it probably has a specific audience of buyers. If you run an industrial construction company, for instance, buyers will probably consist of other businesses that are looking to start or expand their brick-and-mortar facilities. A buyer persona is simply a profile of your B2B company's ideal audience of buyers. It can include any information that defines a group of qualified buyers, including gender, age, location, job title, budget, etc.

    Why You Should Create and Use Buyer Personas

    Using buyer personas is beneficial because it allows you to create personalized and targeted messages when communicating with prospective buyers. You'll be able to see firsthand which demographics are most likely to purchase your B2B company's products or services. And with this information, you can then create customized sales messages that resonate with the respective buyer persona.

    You can expect more callbacks when using buyer personas in your sales activities. Cold calling, of course, typically has a low rate of success. For every 100 prospective buyers whom you cold call, you may only secure one to three appointments for a followup correspondence. With buyer personas, though, you'll have a better chance at securing appointments because of their targeted and relevant nature.

    Once you know your buyer persona, you may want to get a list that best reflects your targeted buyer. This can be easily accomplished with SalesLeads' custom lead generation. We combine our technology with your buyer persona to create a customized prospecting list created for what you need. It's the best way to make your inside sales team and customer facing sales reps efficient and productive in filling the sales funnel.

    Buyer personas are also easy to create. To get started, simply review your B2B company's sales records while paying close attention to who, exactly, purchased your B2B company's products or services. You can then categorize these buyers into various buyer personas.

    In Conclusion

    A buyer persona is a representation of your B2B company's ideal audience of buyers. With buyer personas in hand, you'll be able to create highly targeted and relevant sales messages that increase your chances of generating a sale. At the same, buyer personas will improve your productivity with cold calling and other sales-related activities.

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