• Posted On Wednesday, October 21, 2020 by Cherise Kennerley


    Both sales and marketing are working to generate sales leads. Regardless of territory size, we’re all looking to find the right combination of industry, company size, contact and of course, need. Once this can be clearly defined, then crafting the message is easy…or let’s just say ‘easier’.

    Define the Industry

    That’s not a big deal to define your industry…right? In a broad sense, yes. But if you are asked to name the subsets within your industry, that can be a bit trickier. For instance, you supply a product and/or service to manufacturing. There are 16,154 manufacturers in Illinois alone. Now you need to ask yourself, does your company fit best with all 16k manufacturers? Probably not.

    Go Down to the Next Level

    In taking a further look at what manufacturing industries represent Illinois, the State’s industrial outputs include machinery, food processing, electrical equipment, chemical products, fabricated metal and transportation equipment. Additional research will show more subsets. For instance, in food processing there are food categories such as snacks, beverages, frozen foods and many more.

    When progressing through the layers of industry, it becomes clear that combining targeted companies with a specific message can yield greater results.

    Customer Base

    To get an understanding of the success your company has experienced in the targeted industry or industries, look at the current customer base. Hopefully your database, CRM or spreadsheet has it categorized so it’s easier and faster to identify:

    • Customer name
    • What they purchased
    • How long they have been customers
    • Titles of those involved
    • Even length of sale (if notes are included)

    You can take it to the next level by calling a few customers. This will help you to better understand their initial business problem, how your company’s product or service solved the issue and the money and time saved.

    Gathering Your Targeted List

    Purchasing a list is a very common way of getting what you need. However, the problem you confront is getting a valid, comprehensive list that has been verified. On average, getting a list from a list source such as InfoUSA still yields 25% bad names, meaning the email addresses or contact name no longer exist.

    SalesLeads Inc., creates custom lead generation lists that are specific to your target. As you’ve done the task of identifying the specific industry you want to call, market and create sales with, we develop the list based on the profile of who you want or customers your company has been successful selling. This can be further refined by state, region or across the U.S.

    Combination Plan

    While you begin to target and market to the custom lead generation list that can fill your sales funnel now and over time, you can get busy working IN the sales funnel with Project Reports. Project Reports as you know are identified projects for companies that are planning construction, expansion or relocation projects.

    In order for you to be successful and maximize your investment, the process begins by identifying the area(s) you work in. This can be by state, region or more. Further refine your sales leads by identifying what type of Project Reports you want to receive. This can be food processing, office furniture, networking, or material handling to name a few.

    The Essentials of Focus

    When sales and marketing go through the task of understanding what targets will be the most effective way to generate new sales, you want to be sure to work with a company that can match the requirements. It’s essential to your growth and business especially when time is of the essence. SalesLeads provides the custom lists and Project Reports you need to keep the sales funnel filled from top to bottom.

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