• Posted On Monday, November 16, 2020 by Vince Antoine

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    While there are dozens if not hundreds of ways to generate B2B leads, most of them can be classified as either inbound or outbound. Inbound B2B lead generation encompasses sales tactics that draw prospective buyers to your B2B company. Once you've captured their information, you can target them as leads in your sales efforts. For a better understanding of B2B lead generation and the benefits it offers, keep reading.

    Overview of Inbound B2B Lead Generation

    Inbound B2B lead generation refers to the use of any sales, as well as marketing, tactic that attracts prospective buyers to your B2B company. You don't initiate contact with prospective buyers. Instead, they initiate contact with your B2B company after seeing or being exposed to its inbound marketing material.

    Outbound B2B lead generation works in the opposite way. It involves the use of sales tactics in which you make the first contact with a prospective buyer. Cold calling is a form of outbound B2B lead generation because you -- or another sales rep at your B2B company -- initiates contact with prospective buyers. Publishing how-to guides, PDF case studies and other forms of content online, on the other hand, is considered inbound B2B lead generation.

    Advantages of Inbound B2B Lead Generation

    When compared to outbound B2B lead generation, inbound B2B lead generation typically costs. Research shows that inbound B2B lead generation costs 39% less than outbound B2B lead generation. By diversifying your lead generation efforts with a mixture of both outbound and inbound sales tactics, you'll save money.

    Inbound B2B lead generation also offers long-term value. It centers around the publication, distribution and sharing of high-quality content that prospective buyers want to consume. When you publish this inbound content online, it doesn't just go away. Rather, it will remain online for prospective buyers to consume for many years to come.

    You can use inbound B2B lead generation to educate prospective buyers about your B2B company's products or services. Inbound content doesn't have to commercially driven. On the contrary, it should focus on educating prospective buyers and offering them value. If a prospective buyer wants to learn more about a product or service, he or she can view the content.

    Not all forms of B2B lead generation are the same. Some sales tactics are classified as inbound, whereas others are classified as outbound. You don't have to use a single form of B2B lead generation, however. You can combine inbound B2B lead generation with outbound B2B lead generation to maximize your sales performance.

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